iPhone 7 And 7 Plus: An Awesome Review

by Glenda Munzhedzi


The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has been out for more than a year now, overtaken by its impressive newborn siblings (iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X), and I still haven’t come across as many articles reviewing the awesomeness of the products as I expected. We are all aware of the fact that Apple never seems to disappoint with any of its products. There is much to admire about the sleekness, reliability and the power the devices pack on a daily basis. Since this is a review, I will be pointing out some sours known about the smartphones as well. So here goes!

The Goods of the 7’s

Firstly, I must point out that as a user of the iPhone 7 plus I will be focusing more on that model but I guarantee that the difference between the 7 and 7 Plus are very tight. With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus being the only iPhone that had me really reeled up for its launch late September 2016, I knew it was defiantly the phone for me. I remember counting down till the launch and continuously refreshing Safari waiting for the live stream to begin. Everything about the phone was perfect, I had finally found my companion!

Battery Life

One of the greatest features of any smartphone, I think, would have to be the battery life. We live in a day and age where we are constantly on our devices, work-wise and for personal uses. Apple’s improved battery life from the 6s and 6s Plus is very effective and sufficient. It has battery life to die for! Despite results from test organisations putting the iPhone 7 last to close competitor device from Samsung, HTC and LG, it does quite well. The iPhone 7 has a 1,960mAh battery, which is expected to last up to 12 hours and more. I normally charge my iPhone over night (some say it damages the phone & others say it doesn’t matter – I am not an expert but I do it either way). I am basically on my phone most of the day, checking Twitter, stalking on Instagram and snapping away on Snapchat. Those applications for one, consume way too much battery life on mobile devices, but surprisingly doesn’t do much damage on the iPhone 7 Plus. With all that activity going on in the small gadget it lasts a solid 12 hours and sometimes, longer as expected!


Another really good feature of the models would have to be its size. To users moving from iPhone 6/s and 6/s Plus this wouldn’t matter at all but for iPhone 4s and 5s/c users, it is a BIG deal. My hands are decently sized, but the 5s made them seem over large. Two hand typing was pretty impossible, but I forced it regardless (yes, I’m a try-hard). With the iPhone 7 Plus, it’s as if Cook and his team had crafted the mobile specifically for my hands. The iPhone 7 is sized at 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in) and weighs 138 grams (4.87 ounces); iPhone 7 Plus is sized at 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm (6.23 x 3.07 x 0.29 in) and weighs 188 grams (6.63 ounces). Apple continues with its lightweight mobiles making it the perfect it carry around in a jean pocket or basically in hand.  


This is the part of the article I think most people look forward to, the details on the camera the mobile has. Apple shook the globe when it revealed that it would be adding a telephoto camera to the 7 Plus. The dual cameras on the smartphone have definitely shone a new light on the rising era of mobile photography. The rear camera enables users to optical zoom of up to 10x and Apple introduced a new mode of taking pictures, Portrait mode. Portrait mode has proven great for selfies, even better for basic photography. The first thing I did when I received my iPhone was unpacked, switch it on (set up and the basics) and immediately switch to the camera. My cousins and I drooled over how crisp the images came out. The power of a DSRL trapped in a smartphone. I’m not one to take pictures of myself but the iPhone 7 Plus changed that game for me. I went from Plain Jane to Selfie Queen is a matter of days. Apple stuck to the 12MP cameras in the models.  

Water and Dust Resistance

The water and dust resistance was definitely a long-awaited bonus. Please, do not confuse water-resistant with waterproof like many users have on Youtube and numerous blogs. I must admit, I was one of those users that just had to test it out for myself. Straight after taking as many pictures as I could, I raced to the bathroom, filled the tub with some water and hesitantly dropped my brand new iPhone in. I closed my eyes the whole time, counting till no more than 10 and the pulling it out of there! It worked (of course) and I never tried it again. As stated by Apple, the 7 and & Plus are capable of surviving being submerged for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes in pure water. Do not attempt dropping the device into any other substances such as sea water, bleached toilet water or beverages!

3D Touch and Stereo Speakers

Two features that I think not a lot of people take advantage of on the iPhone 7 models are the addition of speakers and the 3D Touch. Apple now gives its users dual speakers enabling the use of stereo sound while watching videos and movies. The additional speaker is located at the top of the iPhone besides the front camera (the barometric vent). I have only used the 3D Touch feature about three times, and that to by mistake. The feature comes in handy when you want to sneak a peak of messages in an application but don’t really want to fully go into the application. It is also excellent for sending quick emails and tweeting fast posts.

The Bads of the 7’s

For iPhone users that do not have the iPhone Lightning Dock, the removal of the headphone jack would be a huge issue. I’ve combated that by purchasing the dock for R 849 ($49.00) in South Africa which comes in 4 assorted colours to match to your iPhone. I also own a pair of AirPods which is around R 2500 ($159.00). Yes, I had worries about losing the AirPods as well but I haven’t as yet. The Pods are pretty pricey but really are a great investment – especially if you have other Apple products in use. I will be doing a review on the AirPods soon so stay tuned.     The world went crazy with Apple’s brave move of removing the headphone jack, and soon the cries for the home button joined. The home button on the 7 and 7 Plus is no longer physically buttons. Instead, Apple put in advanced pressure sensors and haptic vibration motors which simulate the feel of a button. There are three options you could pick from for the pressure and feel of the sensors on your fingers. After a few days, you completely forget there’s no button. Many were disappointed in the lack of change between the iPhone 6s models and 7 models. After two years of the same pattern, and expected change was expected. And Finally

The Verdict

The 7’s wins
  • Battery-life on point
  • Crisp graphics
  • Quality speakers
  • Strong performance
  • Useful/Underrated 3D Touch
  • Spot on camera
  • Intelligent Haptic sensors
  • Water and dust resistance
  • Perfect weight and size
The 7’s losses
  • Headphone jack, where you at?
  • You look familiar, meh
  • Pricey add-ons
  • Bye bye home button
  • Expensive

I truly cannot name any issue I have had with the 7 Plus. I still own it and haven’t decided to change as yet, that should say something about the product already. For iPhone users looking to trade up but not willing to pay that much for the newer models, the iPhone 7 Plus is definitely the mobile to go for. Thank me later!