iPhone 7: User Review

by amuhcaw

iPhone 7


Every time Apple launches a new product (in general) we get all excited because it comes with new things that you think they didn’t exist. For this review, I would tell you some stories with this new device I am recently using. The new iPhone 7 have been around for a while. I was using the iPhone 6 plus and decide to change it for the Apple iPhone 7. Why? The iPhone 6 plus was the first Apple phone I bought, but I have always used apple products like the iPod classic, iPod Touch, MacBook’s and others. The iPhone 6 plus really surprised me, I was very happy with it, but life comes with changes so I change my phone to the newest Apple model.


I love to take photos with my phone, which makes the battery life shorter. With my iPhone 6 plus, I was always carrying around an external battery, which makes my backpack heavier. Also, I always take with me my iPhone charger so that it would never die. With the iPhone 7, I don’t have to carry all this. The battery last more hours. Now I charge my phone overnight and it would last a full day. I mostly use Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, and Spotify. Also, I take some pictures of things that I like. During classes, I still charge it, but that’s because I am a battery freak and don’t want my phone to die.


The design’s the same which hasn’t cause any impression on me. Is a neutral thing because I like the design and I am used to it. After having the iPhone6 6 plus for a long time I really prefer the normal size. It hurts my hand less and fit in most of my pockets and small purses. The phone works perfectly even when you are using a lot of applications at the same time. I download a lot of photo editing apps because of my hobby of taking pictures. In the iPhone 6 plus, I would have to delete some because it would stop working.


Personally, I am a freak with taking care of my iPhone 7. My iPhone 6 plus screen broke two times and it was a nightmare. This time the first thing I do when I bought it was to put the glass screen protector and a nice protective case. I am a very clumsy person I fall very often and my personal things too. This is why my previous phone needed to be fixed more than once.

I have dropped my phone a few times and nothing happened. I have used in the pool a few times and it works perfectly. Once a friend of mine accidentally drop it on a really hard surface and there was not even a scratch. I thought with this drop and the previews one I will have problems with the function, but it stills works fine.


I love the new camera, it's better. I haven’t experience with the camera of the iPhone 6S but in comparison of the iPhone 6 plus is superior. Pictures taken in dark environments aren’t a problem now, you can take great ones with the new improved camera. For a heavy-handed like me, the water resistant makes my life easily.

First of all, I love to listen to music when I shower. Singing and dancing while soaping it’s like taking a break from life. I listened to music all day so normally I would take my iPhone to the bathroom and be really careful of not getting it wet or falling into the sink (which has happened). Now with all confidence, I take it with me knowing nothing could happen.

For me the home button it’s more comfortable than the previous one. At the begging it’s was weird but a few days past and I get used to it. I really like the way it feels it’s a strange but enjoyable touch. Another thing that impresses me is that is faster. Sometimes I saturated my phone with pictures, videos, editing apps and some games. This normally would make my iPhone 6 plus into a mental breakdown, but the new iPhone 7 functions well.


I still don’t like the removal of the headphone jack. I lost or damage my headphones very easily. I know I can buy the iPhone de adapter but we all know apple product aren’t the cheapest and the adapter can get lost very quickly. It bugs me that if my headphones broke I will have to buy apple ones or the adapter, which isn’t nice.

There are no changes in the design I thought that being a new model something in the shape of the phone would change. As an iPhone user, it’s a bum that the iPhone 7 plus has better and double camera that the iPhone 7 it always has been about the size and not the features.

The software has made a few changes. The notification center it’s the same, which for me personally it’s horrible and annoying. You cannot delete all at once, you have to delete day by day which is a waste of time. Another thing is the Apple apps, they don’t make my life easier. I always put them apart, because I cannot delete them. With the new phone, I hope that Apple would reduce the apps that come with the phone to make all we hate them less.


I have been using the iPhone 7 for about 3 months. Comparing to my previous iPhone I love it, buying the latest iPhone was worth the work and money. One of the things I thought it was great that the lowest memory in the phone is 32GB I bought the 128 GB which in previous years would have cost me a lot more.

I always have taken photos with an Apple device, first with the iPod 4th generation, then the iPhone 6 plus and now the iPhone 7. The photos a have taken for me were always good, but it is different with the iPhone 7. There is no big struggle with the dark places, with the iPhone 6 plus I would have to cancel the shot because of the darkness of the place. Another thing that makes me love my phones is the water resistant features.

Days at the pool are more remembered. I take photos and videos underwater with all my friends. There is no need of someone having an underproof camera because I have it in my purse. Besides the negative, it has, like the elimination of the audio input I am very happy with the mobile device Apple offered us. Hope you enjoy reading this review and know a little more about the Apple iPhone 7.

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