LANIX Ilium L910: User Review

by Lalo


First of all and for those who don´t know, I feel the need to express that Lanix is a Mexican brand of informatic devices which started with computers. It was only in the last seven years that they introduced themselves to the mobile devices business. I got this phone (Ilium L910) only recently. Last year´s December to be more precise, so I haven´t had it for so long, yet, it has served its purpose very well and so far so good.

The main reason I chose this phone was because it is a national brand (for me) and, well, with the situation going the way it is, I wanted to at least contribute to something bigger with this small gesture (consuming national products). Also, my last phone was an Android as well, so it was not very difficult to get used to the new phone.

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Battery life & charging

As I said earlier, I´ve had this device only for a few months now and, fortunately, the battery is still good and the discharge rate would be a little more than 24 hours. This also depends on the amount of use one gives to it, of course. I would say that I give a medium use now. When I first got it I knocked myself out playing games from the app store quite often, and so, I had to recharge it at least once a day. I believe that I should say, I almost never turn it off for more than a few minutes. The times it is most turned off is when I restart the phone or it has an update. Other than that it is always on. The battery is non-extractive.

First use

I think it is relevant to say that before I could properly use the phone, I had to wait for the battery to run out completely, and after that, charge it non-stop for at least 8 hours.

Performance & design

About its performance, I have no complaint. It has always run fast enough, or at least for the things I have needed to do, and the only loading problems I´ve had were because of bad internet connection or something related. Concerning the design, however, it's a little too big for my personal taste. But I guess it can't be helped, as all mobiles are now likely to be as big or even bigger. I liked the smaller, older ones better. But I guess one can't go against the current of progress. It is thin thou. With that, I have no problem and, I actually like that.

Strength & durability

Perhaps in this subject, due to time I've owned the phone, I have not been able to really test its durability, in spite of this, my phone has seen the floor up close and personal more times that I would like to admit…and it still looks like new. Maybe a relevant factor for this is that every time this happened, the phone had the protection layer included during acquisition. Just FYI, three of these protectors were included in total and, different color each, for those who like variety.

To be completely honest I do not mind very much about being able to do a lot of things with a mobile phone, and so, I didn't choose the phone for anything in particular, I see having a lot of memory, a good camera, and things of the sort as a plus or something additional.

Best features

I think it's safe to say that one of the best features the phone has, is the fingerprint recognizer, which you can use to be the only one to be able to unlock the device. That can be used several occasions and apps on the phone.

The other very good feature the phone has, or at least for me, is that you can have several tabs with different things running at simultaneously. That's kinda nice. It's like when in youtube you press the previous, or arrow button, and the currently playing video goes to the right, down corner, while one browse other videos. That's a way to watch series more efficiently.

Lastly, the phone has a 13.0 Mega Pixels camera, furthermore, the photos and videos taken with the phone will be of a quite decent quality. Those who know more about photography will know the quality. The camera also has some editing options for further customization of pictures and videos. The customization options are very easy to use and to understand. Since the first time I saw it I was able to use it without problems because the tags and instructions are very clear, and really help to understand what does what.

Worst features

I don't really have a lot of negative things about the phone. But here are some of the few bad things I do can say about it:

Overall review

As a final comment, I would say that it is a good phone. There might be much better mobiles, with more memory capabilities, better camera or better processor and such, but it is not a bad phone by any means. In fact, I would say that the screen resolution is good. The quality you could have in videos or movies is quite neat. Good performance overall. The sound is good, and you can even choose between up to three sound settings; one that enhances the speaker, another which improves headset sound and, an improved surround setting. I have the impression that this mobile phone is resilient, for as I said earlier, I have dropped it on a few occasions and it has not even a scratch. That has to be a good sign. But never as tough as the ancient Nokias, those were nothing short than indestructible.

Overall Rating

I give this phone an 8 over 10 rating. Mostly because I'm not really picky nor very demanding about phones, I only need to be able to communicate and send messages. At least those were my primordial needs, but now that internet access is everywhere, and it is mostly free or it is possible to get it for free in many places,  I add WhatsApp and facebook in those needs. And because I can get those too with the phone, I didn't get very demanding. 8/10 Read more on the official website.