Lenovo Ideapad 100-15BY: User Review

by Zuka Gvenetadze

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lenovo Ideapad 100


I am going to review laptop which had me going for like 7 months and still is working like a new one, helping me work more efficiently. I have bought it in local megamarket in September or in late August, don’t really remember the exact date but hence time I still intensely use it. Lenovo Ideapad 100 is cheap, easy to use. It is not slow or it doesn’t have any kind of malfunctions. I think that people who want to get laptops for work in a reasonable price should really consider this laptop as one of the buying options.

Battery life & Charging

I often go to university with my laptop and there is no place to sit and charge in the library, so I have to sit on stairs with my laptop. Thus, the laptop gives me quite a time to work without the need to charge it itself. With my calculations, it lasts at least 2 hours, if it’s on the battery saver mode it would last longer, for about 30-45 minutes longer. Charging takes about 2-2.45 hours, I charge and work at the same time and I never had any problem with that. The problems with a lot of laptops is that they get hot in a short time, which leads to slowing the performance of the laptop. However, this model does not face this this kind of problem as it doesn’t get hot in a short period. As I have already stated I bought the laptop approximately seven months ago, and I still have never experienced the battery problems.

Performance & Design

Lenovo Ideapad 100 is quite a light weight. Officially, it is about 4.2 lbs. As you can see you can lift it up and go anywhere if you like. Buttons are comfortable, the keys are designed in that way that dirt can’t reach the under part of the keys. So, if you like eating near the laptop, the little food pieces won’t be stuck under the keys giving you the discomfort while using the keyboard itself. As I mentioned above, I have never experienced any hotness. I frequently have it on my knees, never had my legs burnt with this. I am happy when I can use the laptop without burning my legs or other parts of the body.



I didn’t mention above that I often have to use this laptop, because I have a lot of homework to do, a lot of writing and reading. When someone uses a laptop like this, there is no chance that he/she never had an accident. By accident, I mean they could have dropped it or scratched it. There are hundreds of possibilities that one can do with using something so frequently. I have dropped it for like three or four times, maybe even more but it doesn’t have any scratch, it really works fine and nothing has even changed. In the worst-case scenario, I accidentally dropped the battery and it got bended, however it didn’t lead to any laptop performance problems and is still in the good shape.

Best Features

Now I’m going to talk about why I preferred Lenovo Ideapad 100 over the Acer’s laptop. I don’t remember the exact model but what I remember is that Acer price was higher for about 40$ and it had only 32gb of free disk. Now for a guy who wants music, movies, programs, and bunch of files in the computer, that is the worst proposition. What I love about Lenovo is that it has 500gb free space, also runs smoothly on windows 10 Pro. When you want to work, firstly you want to have lots of free space for everything and none of the things to be deleted. This laptop proposes that and I think by far it is the best feature. Also, not mentioning about the smooth working on your knees without getting burnt or taking it wherever you want. I haven’t talked about the Wi-Fi nor Bluetooth. To be honest, I don’t use Bluetooth and I can’t say anything about that because I never used that on my laptop but about Wi-Fi, it has 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity and it connects easily with other Wi-Fi modems without a problem. At home I, can connect from anywhere and in university, other people have problems with connecting Wi-Fi from their laptops but I am telling them that my laptop detects the Wi-Fi with high signal thus I am always connected. About the Bluetooth, I personally don’t use it but I can tell you that it has Bluetooth® 4.0, which means you won’t having any problem connecting to anyone.


Worst Features

About the part, I haven’t talked about. That is the downside of this laptop. Today many of young people including me love video-gaming. But This laptop only has 2gb of ram and it is integrated, that means the ram isn’t fully usable. We can assume easily that laptop wouldn’t be able to run any kind of video-game which are released from 2015. Furthermore, I must add that video card really isn’t good. If a person wants to buy a laptop for gaming use, I have to say that this model is not the best choice.

Overall Review

For the overall part, I’m going to sum up everything. For the best part, it isn’t heavy, it doesn’t get overheated. The battery works fine and if you keep that well it wouldn’t be a problem. Be careful though, with the battery, mine got bend but fortunately it works fine. Also, I advise you to be careful on the laptop too, I maybe have gotten lucky that the laptop survived a couple of drops and you maybe be the unlucky one. From my personal experience, I can say that the laptop can’t be broken easily. In any case, about the best part, it has a lot of free disc that you can use anything you want but not anything. You can’t play games, don’t forget that. And it is very cheap too, you can get it from starting to 300$ to 500$.

I will give this laptop 6/10

Official site : http://www3.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/ideapad/100-series-/IdeaPad-100-15-inch/p/88IP1000564

by Zuka Gvenetadze

by Zuka Gvenetadze

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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