by Vasanth Gudipati

I am Vasanth Gudipati, one of the proud owners of Lenovo Ideapad 320. It was in the beginning days of my blog. I wanted a budget laptop for writing my blogs. I did a long search and finally ended up choosing this Ideapad 320. There are many reasons why to choose this and why not to. Let’s head to the pros and cons of this laptop but before, let’s head towards its features. Note that I am writing this review after around nine months of usage. The laptop features a 15.6 inch HD LED Display. The display is anti-glare one. It features an Intel 7th gen i5 processor. I purchased the one with 8GB of RAM, 1TB HDD and 2 GB Nvidia Geforce 940MX graphic card. As I had to choose in my budget range, I went with the DOS.


The battery life is good in this price range. The display is good. The Optical Disk Drive works fine. The charging time is also less when compared to items of this range. The camera is fine. The laptop weighs 2.2 kg and its good.


The bezel occupies more space. The hinges are not that good. The build quality is bad. The laptop faces issues when in sleep mode. The price of this laptop with the above-mentioned specifications was 37,990 Indian Rupees. These are the pros and cons of this laptop. let’s discuss performance.


Coming to the performance, it is not possible to run heavy applications smoothly. We can observe frame drops. Small sized applications run smoothly without much effort. The transfer speed is good but when you try to copy more than 10 GB of data, it takes a longer time to initialise the transfer mechanism. The laptop when shaken by catching the base of the laptop, shakes the screen too. This is because of the hinges. The keyboard is good for typing but doesn’t feature a backlit one. Hence, you cannot use it with maximum efficiency at night time without proper lights. It features a 180-degree rotatable screen. You cannot use it at 180 as the screen turns black after 140 degrees of normal vision. The laptop features dual speakers but does not produce enough sound to watch a movie with normal surroundings. The laptop does not get heated to high extents. The laptop offers a very good ideal temperature to work by putting it on your lap. If you are a person who watches movies on the weekends or too often on a laptop, the dual speakers are going to disappoint you a lot. The dual speakers are also placed at the bottom which does not allow a good amount of sound to come out. The brightness offered by the laptop is good enough even to work in the sunlight or at night time. Of the 1 TB HDD, you get 931 GB of space. The Optical Disk Drive takes around 2-3 seconds to pop out. The laptop features two USB 3.0 ports and a Type-C port. It also features an HDMI slot. The company offers a one-year onsite warranty for the manufacturing defects and does not cover any physical damage.

Operating System:

The one I have purchased is DOS. So, it is on me to use the operating system. I went with Windows 10 Pro, it offered me very good usage and updates from time to time. It is on you to choose the operating system if you are going with DOS. And I would also like to tell you that the pricing for Windows version is more than DOS which forced me to go for DOS. If you are going on a tight budget, I would tell you to purchase the DOS version and get the operating system installed at some service centre for around 2000 to 3000 Indian Rupees. In another case, you can also just download the software and purchase the keys or just use the keys available online.


The laptop connects easily within a fraction of seconds to any device or any router. It doesn’t take much of a task to get connected. It features Bluetooth 4.1 which is good enough to connect to speakers and other devices. It did not experience any speech drops when connected with a speaker which I noticed with Lenovo Ideapad 310.

Build Quality:

The build quality is not at all good. Everything is either plastic or polycarbonate. A small drop can cause heavy irreparable damage. You cannot find any metal casing. Hence, if you are a person who goes harsh on your laptop, this one is not definitely of your type.


The laptop offers a clean and classy look. The Lenovo branding is on the top corner of the laptop and offers a good look.


The laptop comes with a 65W adapter. This can charge the laptop fully in or around 2 hours. once, fully charged it can provide 4 to 5 hours of battery life. The battery does not drain more in the standby mode or sleep mode. It loses around 5% overnight in standby mode.

Images of the laptop:

Gaming on Ideapad 320:

The laptop features an NVIDIA GEFORCE 940MX graphic card. This is good for gaming if we don’t put the graphics settings at the maximum level. It works well with games at 30-40 fps at a resolution of 1080p. If you want to run the games in the longer run, this laptop cannot handle and you will be experiencing heavy frame drops. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, this is not the ideal one.


It is one of the best budget laptops I have used until now. I would rate the laptop 7.5 out of 10 as per my usage. But if you are flexible with your budget, I would not prefer to buy this laptop. If you are looking for a laptop with moderate usage for just two or three years, I suggest you go for it. If you are looking for a laptop to use for a heavy run for a longer period of time, take some time and save money and get what you are willing to after good amounts of research. If you are looking for a gaming one, I would tell you that this is not the one.