Lenovo Yoga C930: Owner Review

by Pratima Gurung

Someone who had a little or no knowledge about computers purchased a MacBook Air because of its exterior design and portability. And that person was ME! After using it for many years, it was time to replace it with a new laptop as the performance was deteriorating and I could not see a reason to upgrade my MacBook with the new components. So I got myself a new laptop. Before that, I went through tons of websites with special offers for different laptops that would meet my requirements, mainly considering the speed and budget. During my schooling times, I had gone through so much trouble due to compatibility issues because there were some software (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, Visio, Erwin, to name a few) ONLY available for Windows. Because there were not a lot of Mac users in my country, Nepal, I could not find the essential tools for free of charge for my schoolwork. This was part of the reasons why I decided to go for Windows this time so I wanted something that would put me on the same page as other users besides just getting the great features embedded in the new machine. Today, I own the Lenovo Yoga C930 model that was released in 2018 and now I am here to talk about it after having to use for some months. Let me first point out the important factors followed by my overall review.

Performance and Design

My laptop is integrated with high specifications; core i7 processor, 16gGb RAM, and 512Gb SSD. So far it has rendered greater efficiency and better performance. I have not had any technical issues to date even when multi-tasking but the little noise due to the excessive use never seems to get away with any of the laptops I have used so far. I guess this is a common problem for everyone. The lightweight, stylish design and not forgetting to mention the 2-in-1 convertible with a 360-degree hinge just made my life easier to travel and use for the entertainment of any sort. Furthermore, it comes with touchscreen functionality, full HD and 4k display that output brighter display and higher screen resolution. Talking about the sound, it has a soundbar fit into a convertible hinge that rotates with the display, delivering the 3D spatial audio quality. With that said, it does set apart from any other laptops out there. Next to it at the rear is the active pen housed inside, it allows me to take notes immediately without having to find the paper and pen.

Strength and Durability

I have been taking good care of my laptop. Thus, I have not run into any mechanical issues as such yet. It is still in mint condition. Since it is made of aluminium, there are chances of dent formation at the edge just like I have faced with my old MacBook, when hit on the hard surface. Fortunately, there was no sign of internal damages in my MacBook. I am expecting the same with Yoga C930. I do not know what it takes to undertake physical components sustainability. But I am aware of the repercussions on them not being taken care of. What concerns me later about internal component replacement is that my computer may be prone to vulnerability because it is tiny and can be very sensitive to human touch and mistake. In general, the build is sturdy and that I hope it remains durable in the long run.

Battery Life and Charging

I utilize most of my time on the laptop and to my surprise; I cannot deny that it has brought me to no disappointment in battery performance. The battery is a 4 Cell 60 Watt Hour Li-Polymer and is expected to last up to 14.5 hours. Nonetheless, from my personal experience, it has served me for about 10 hours, which does justify the long battery life. This could have triggered owing to the high usage of multiple programs (movie, 4-5 web browser tabs, etc.) running at the same time. Battery swappable is not an option, so I have to be at the nearest socket to get it charged by 65W AC adapter when required. It takes approximately 30 minutes to charge up to 50% from dead.  

Good Points

The keyboard and trackpad are automatically disabled when converted into a tablet mode, which allows me to touch the screen without having to worry about any external disturbance. I have confidential data on my computer that I would not want the unauthorized people to see. For that, there is a fingerprint reader for authentication to prevent the intruders from accessing my laptop. As a result, this feature does not just reinforce faster accessibility (takes 2 seconds to log in without entering a password) but also supports data security. Technology cannot be trusted; you never know what will happen. For instance, you think you have closed the webcam when it is not. Taken that into account, Lenovo made a smart implementation; the display is incorporated with a webcam shutter to protect our privacy regardless of the webcam status.

Bad Points

Yoga C930 is not an ideal computer for someone who spends most of their hours in gaming, video editing, and music production, as it is not configured with NVIDIA GeForce GPU, an improved version for graphics. I would neglect graphics capability in that matter; after all, it is not my cup of tea. The Yoga C930 starts at $999.99 for minimized specifications but for those who want exactly like mine ($1,649.99) or with even higher specifications is pricey. Other than that, I would rather not discuss a couple of minor problems I have encountered. I bet no one would even notice them. Otherwise, it has lived up to my expectations.

Overall Overview

Overall, I would rate this product a 9.5/10. As you can tell by now, the features outweigh the imperfections. Therefore there are not many complaints to make. The main takeaway for me is that my machine is highly functional, fast for data storage, and rich in processing. In a nutshell, it is thin, yet, powerful. I can confidently say it is a perfect fit for the power users and travellers but gamers. Hence, it is cost-effective and a great PICK!