by Parth


I bought my LG G4 almost 17 months ago. When my Samsung Galaxy S5 started to slow down, I thought that it's time to replace it for a new phone. Initially, I thought of getting a Samsung Galaxy S6 because of its new glass design. I was very convinced to buy one because I have always used Samsung flagships and was quietly satisfied with the performance. But then my friend showed me his new LG G4 and I was very impressed by its amazing camera and crisp display. That's when I decided that the LG G4 will be my next daily driver. Before giving it to my Mom, I used it for approx 7 months so here's the review based on my experience.


Since I was a heavy user (I still am), battery life on the LG G4 was never too good for me. I used to play games like Asphalt 8 and Gangster Vegas for about an hour, a couple of emails and Whatsapp Chats, Some Youtube videos, a couple of songs on Spotify and my battery was drained from 100 percent to 15 percent in about 4.5 hours. For a heavy user like me, the 3000 mAh battery on the G4 was not enough to last for a whole day. The device can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in little less than 2 hours using the stock charger but the Qualcomm certified fast charger which I later ordered from Amazon can top up the battery in around 1 hour 15 minutes.


Even the G4 does not have a full metal body or a glass design, It still feels premium. The plastic used for manufacturing the device is of good quality and the leather back was also very premium and makes it less slippery. It has a curved design on the back which makes it easy to hold even though it was a large phone. It is powered by a Hexa-Core processor and 3 GB of RAM which is sufficient for running the day to day apps. Even the graphic intensive games like Asphalt 8 can be played easily without any performance glitch. It did use to get a bit warm while playing games, but that was acceptable. After the marshmallow update, it started taking a bit more time while loading games and there was also a little lag while switching between apps but still there were no major performance issues.


I have dropped my LG G4 several times but I didn't have any major problem so far. It did get some scratches and dents on the corners, which are obvious, but the accidental drops never did any sort of serious damage to the device. I'd say that the display is pretty durable. Even after numerous accidental drops, it only got a few minor scratches. I have never sent it for any kind of repairs except for once when I dropped it in the bathtub by mistake. It has a pretty sturdy build but I'd recommend the use of a screen protector and a back cover to prevent it from any sort of scratches or dents. LG G4 corner dent This is the dent which I got after an accidental drop.


LG G4 has a lot of good features but personally, I think its camera is the best. It is equipped with a 16MP rear camera which is capable of taking very good shots in daylight. The colors come out to be natural and images were well saturated. In terms of Camera, it can easily compete with any smartphone as of today. There is also a manual mode for photography which was a boon for an enthusiast like me. Even in low light, It captures well-lit images with minimum noise and more details. LG G4 daylight shot Daylight Shot LG G4 evening shot Evening Shot The 8 MP front camera is also good for taking selfies. It captures nice images and for low light selfies, it flashes the display to provide light assist for the camera. Both the cameras on the LG G4 are good enough for low light photography. Another good feature of the device is its QHD display. I've used many phones (mostly Samsung Galaxy) but the display of LG G4 is just great. It is very crisp and always produces very well saturated colors. The audio from the loudspeaker is also loud enough to enjoy videos and music without the need of earphones. Also, unlike most of the flagships, LG G4 has a removable battery, so I always used to carry a spare battery with me in case the one in the phone dies.


I think Battery life is the worst feature of the LG G4. For a user like me who used to rely on the smartphone for most of the daily needs like media consumption, emails, social networking etc. The 3000mAh battery of the LG G4 always falls short. Most of the time I had to use it on power saving mode with automatic brightness turned on but still, that was not enough to get me through the day without plugging in the charger. Because of the pathetic battery life, I always had to carry a spare battery while traveling (Thanks to the removable battery). Also, I don't like the interface very much. The icons on the UI looks very kiddish and the volume button placement on the back is also very weird.


I used this phone for almost 7 months and I have to say that it served me well. It can easily run everything you throw at it. I was a hardcore gamer and I have tried almost every high-end game available for Android on the G4 and it handled everything like a charm. After the Marshmallow update, it did slow down a bit but it's nothing sort of a performance issue as my mom is still using it. Till today, it works perfectly without any problem. The only reason I ditched the device was that of its pathetic battery backup but if you are a medium user then it may last up to a day. All in all, It is still a good device with a decent display and cameras. You can buy it if you love to take pictures on the go and if you can compromise with the average battery backup. LINK TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE