LG K10: User Review

by Seid Karajbić

Thursday, December 8, 2016

 LG K10, new phone in new LG series

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LG K10 is the first of LG’s relatively new K series of smart phones, which are there to replace the former series L. LG K10 offers quite spacious 5.3-inch screen, known and tested chip and an interesting curved design, which looks nice, and in his hand is safe and comfortable. Here are reviews.


Replaceable battery of 2300 mAh capacity ensure durability of one day with average usage.
Most of customers will charge it every night, but those who are more less using the phone can go on two days with one charging.
1 hour of Wi-Fi surfing consumes 10% of battery capacity
Half an hour of playing RR3 consumes about 8%



DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT: 146 x 74.8 x 8.8 mm 142 g
SCREEN: 5.3 “IPS LCD 720 x 1280 (~ 277 ppi)
CPU / GPU: Quad-core Snapdragon 410 1.2 GHz; Adreno 306
RAM: 1.5 GB
INTERNAL MEMORY: 16GB + microSD up to 32 GB
CAMERA: Rear: 13MP; ICE; 1080p; Front: 5MP; 1080p
CONNECTIVITY: 4G; WiFi; Bluetooth 4.0; GPS; NFC; Wi-Fi hotspot;
BATTERY: Li-Ion 2300 mAh removable AXIS
OS: Android Lollipop 5.1.1 + LG UX 4.0

LG K10 is running on 1.3 GHz Snapdragon 410; 4 cores, with Adreno 306 graphics and 1.5 GB of RAM memory.
It have 16 GB of internal memory, of that you can use 11.5 GB.
It supports transferring apps on microSD card but USB OTG isn’t supported.

Performance of LG K10 should satisfy most of customers, gamers also.
Interface runs smoothly.

Quality of phone calls is on acceptable level.
You can catch decent GPS signal on open.
Data transfer ensure solid experience of surfing the internet.

On this device I played Real Racing 3, Modern Combat 5 and Crossy Road. All three of those games you can play smoothly and without overheating.


New LG K10 brings the rounded design which looks very nice, thanks to round shape edges and rubberized back cover feels nice when holding in a hand.
Also the glass on display is slightly rounded towards edges so you can smoothly use touch screen.

From the front view, K10 is similar to previous LG G2.
When display is turned off you don’t see the border between metal edge and display, so the phone looks very attractive.
Under the display, is LG logo, and above, right by the edge is phone call speaker, also there is front, so called, selfie camera and invisible sensors.
Unfortunately there is no LED light notifications.

Edges of this device are coming without buttons and slots, and they are mode from polycarbonate.
On the lower edge you can find USB connector, litle hole for microphone and 3.5 mm audio jack.

Back cover is made of some kind of rubberized plastics and it slightly bends towards upper part.
Under the back cover lays changeable battery and slots for microSD card and nano SIM card.
At the back you can find 13 MP camera with flashlight, under camera is power button and volume buttons.
And also you can find an opening for the rear speaker.

When you hold LG K10 it grips and fits to a hand very nice, you can feel that quality of material on your hand.
Clicking those rear buttons is very satisfying.
Due to 5.3 inch display someone with smaller hands will have a problem when using it with one hand, but in global everything is done very well.



On the rear side LG K10 has a decent 13 MP camera with LED flashlight, nad it supports 1080p video recording.
On the front side you can find a 5 MP selfie camera and it also supports 1080p video recording.
You can use focus manually by taping on display while taking photos or recording videos.

13 MP camera is taking photos in 4:3 aspect ratio.
Autofocus have average focusing speed, but there is no HDR option so shooting towards light is not such a good idea, also there is not a panorama option and filter adding.

Quality of photos on a daylight is very decent and it’s acceptable on lower light conditions.
Flashlight is as strong as it should be for shooting in the dark.

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csm_Screenshot_2016-05-07-18-43-10_a60250bca1 csm_Screenshot_2016-05-07-18-43-06_32cf6e4264

LG K10 still have installed Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and LG UX 4.0
LG is known by a adoptable interface so you can change the look of phone by a various themes, you can also change a lot of animations, design of keyboard and notification center

Lock screen, if you want to, is showing shortcuts max. of 5 apps, and his big pride is that famous knock code the smart way of unlocking.
Homescreen have at summary 7 pages which you can edit by maps, shortcuts and widgets.

Excellent LG’s virtual keyboard supports collour editing, you can adjust keys schedule.


This device has been made of polycarbonate which is a good imitation of hard but lightweight metal, according to this, LG K10 should ensure safe usage in many conditions.
It can’t break easily due to hard material that is made of.
Cracking of display might be problem because of rounded edges, but if you take care of that, you shouldn’t have problems with it.
Due to all these facts LG K10 will ensure long term usage, of course if you take care of your device


Gaming: I would say that one of the best features of this phone is fast gaming, on this device I played Real Racing 3, Modern Combat 5 and Crossy Road. All three of those games you can play smoothly and without overheating.

Internet Surfing: Surfing the internet is very pleasant on Wi-Fi connection also on 4G connection
Default web browser is Google Chrome, web pages are opening very quickly.

Design: LG have that rounded design of phone, which ensure nice feel when you are holding it, also it grips very well to your hand

Multimedia Section: In multimedia section, K10 can also play full HD movies, you can download some players on Google Play so you can watch videos in all formats.
Videos on YouTube are playing on max. resoultion of 720p.
Quality of sound from a rear speaker is very decent, it could be better and louder, but I can’t say that it’s bad and too silent.
Through 3.5 mm audio jack, quality of sound is much better, you can also listen to FM radio with headphones plugged in.
There is installed LG Music with Google Music.

Display: K10 have 5.3 inch in cell 2.5D IPS LCD with resoultion 720 x 1280, which gives the density of 277 ppi pixels.
Due to high resolutions it doesn’t give maximum from that, image on display isn’t so sharp as it should be, but still it is very effective display.
Range of colours is decent when you look at display strictly from the front, when you look at ti from angle view image on display is fading.
Maximum strenght of display light is excellent for room using and out on the open.
I like that bending towards the edges so your fingers can very smoothly slide over it.


Really there is nothing a lot to tell about a bad side of LG K10.
I would say only few things.

Taking Photos: Autofocus have average focusing speed, there is no HDR option so shooting towards light is not such a good idea, also there is not a panorama option and filter adding

Operative System: LG K10 still have installed old Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and LG UX 4.0

Data Transfer: USB OTG is not supported


LG K10 is a phone which provides an excellent experience due to very good performances, gamers would like to have this phone.
For a mid class price this phone is excellent.

If you don’t mind beacuse this device is using an older version of Android OS and that USB OTG isn’t supported, you can surely include this phone on your wish list





by Seid Karajbić

by Seid Karajbić

Thursday, December 8, 2016

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