by Zilvinas Stan


Being a regular smartphone user and wanting to switch to some better one than LG, I started looking up smartphones. To be exact, I was not looking for any trending ones like Samsung Galaxies, iPhones or any other expensive mobiles. I was looking for a low-price smartphone with a wide inched screen, better memory, smoother performance and cameras with more megapixels (both back and front). So, my eye stopped on a Japanese-sounding name Meizu. For me, admirer of Japanese culture, it was a great trigger to start wondering about the phone in general. The fact that Meizu is actually manufactured in China did not lower my interest. I chose the Meizu M3 Note, which can be found in GeekBuying for around $130 or near 170€ in Lithuanian shops. So, now I used the smartphone for a few months. What have I perceived and is it worth choosing? L


To start with, looking at the battery, Meizu suggests 4100 mAh battery. This is super comfortable. It‘s one of the best smarthphones in 2016 by it‘s battery capacity. It helps when having longer outdoor time, which I personally find highly useful. Plus, battery should stay healthy in a long run, until a decision to upgrade again (cause it‘s non-removable). As said by manufacturer itself, M3 Note can last a couple days while using normally (about Meizu M3 Note in their official website). Depending on programs you use and other different parameters like screen-on time, you can actually reach two days. What holds from saying: „wow, such a great battery for such an affordable price“, is charging time. You would get used to charging overnight. But so far I can say: „wow, such a great battery for such an affordable price“. I mean, many of us still charge our phones overnig ht. So, that‘s not a big deal. meizu battery


A man sees a lady and it either brings spark to him or not. The same is with mobile phones. You have to like the looks of it first. In my case, I greatly adore the 5.5 inch screen and a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. I love the design of the phone too. Those round edges look very smooth. Also, soft metal adds up comfort. Meizu M3 Note is a bit heavy with 163g, but that‘s ok for me. What one should like, is the fingerprint scanner located on the home button. It speeds up the „unlocking struggles“. The design is absolutely fine to me. For performance, I would spotlight the decision – the main purpose of the phone. I wouldn‘t promote this device as a gamer‘s phone. Other than that, everything is smooth and working, thanks to MediaTek Helio P10 GHz octa-core processor. meizu m3 note


I used this phone for a few months now and I can say that it still seems as good as when it was brand new. There are a few scratches but they are not clearly noticeable. If it is used as a valuable device, in a way that the smarthphone is taken normal care of, there will not be any physical problems. For software, it still runs as smooth as I would want to. For battery, it remains top-notch that can stay up almost the same time as a few months ago. So, given the price it was bought, the phone has longevity.


It‘s time to pitch the best Meizu M3 Note features. I mentioned, that I was searching for a  smartphone with a wide screen, better memory, smoother performance and greater cameras. Did I get them? Yes, I did. Though, I need to note that my previous phone (LG Optimus L7 II) was just too sloppy to keep up with what technology has to offer now. But with Meizu M3 Note, I got: So, it‘s pretty safe to say that this Meizu is an upgrade for me. This smart device has pretty useful aspects. For example, with dual-SIM you can have either two SIMS or a SIM and a microSD card. Then, it‘s not a big deal, but I adore the function of switching apps. You can swipe up from the side of the home button and switch apps really smoothly. The animation looks fine too. Also, I‘ll repeat, that I love the fingerprint scanner being in front.


It looks nice, looking at those features. But is M3 Note as good, as a technologically advanced person would want? We have to look at the worst features to find out. To begin with, I mentioned before, that this Meizu has a 13MP camera. It should surely be better than 8MP, or 10MP camera, but unfortunately numbers don‘t tell about the usage itself. While I won‘t deny, that the quality is appropriate when there‘s enough of light, but it looks pretty different where it appears to be darker. In the result, we get a blurry, noisy image. It is even more noticeable in night mode. Moreover, the screen of the device is not as bright and vivid as one would want to. I personally never use the full brightness, but that may be a problem of some volume for others. Other shortage  to note is that Google Play is not preinstalled. There are enough installed useful  programs though. Also, Meizu M3 Note has no multi languages. It certainly reduces the market size. Last but not the least, it might bother that, even though it‘s a 2016 phone, it‘s OS Flyme is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. But even though the OS is not the most recent, it works pretty well.


Meizu M3 Note is a very good choice from an ambitious Chinese company Meizu. Being under $200 price and having a beast battery it already sounds worth paying the money. Plus, for it to have a comfortable number of RAM and storage, smooth performance and a wide screen, which were my sought benefits, makes the phone a competitor for more expensive phones. Though, camera of this Meizu does not meet my expectations. It is not for everyday photography, as it lacks quality. Also it‘s not the phone to use for gaming, cause lack of better performance in 3D games. M3 Note looks stylish with his design and is cozy to touch. So, it is as comfortable from outside as from inside. Having one of the greatest batteries and other mentioned virtues, Meizu M3 Note exceeds my hopes and I would recommend it for others. And it gets a warm chair in the rivalry of such price phones. My tip is to explore, what is there in the market, so that you can get a quite decent smartphone with the same or nearly the same advantages, but for a much better price.  I just suggest to make sure to check compatibility and available languages. MY OVERALL RATING IS 8.5/10