Mi Band 4 : Owner Review

by Ankit Ahuja

I am Ankit Ahuja, I am a college student, my work schedule is quite messed-up at times and I needed a sleep tracker, that is when I bought the Mi band 3,  almost a year later when I saw the Mi band 4 was available, I instantly purchased it because it was not very expensive and offered AMOLED display and a 6 axis motion sensor which I thought might be fruitful for more precise measurements. I use it now for both the pedometer and the sleep tracker. Let’s face it, spending thousands of bucks on luxury watches is not smart anymore. Even luxury watchmakers are shifting to smartwatches. Mi band 4 is the colored version of the Mi band 3 with a lot of new features. Here is me just strolling around with the new UI. Let’s discuss all the features and cons of the device:  


I got it a few days and stashed my Mi band 3 with the Mi band 2 (yes, have both of these too!). The Mi band 3 was a super upgrade from Mi band 2, similarly, the Mi band 4 has a lot on its plate to offer. With this beautiful AMOLED display, it encompasses all previous features that Mi band 3 had. I got it for US$39.99 from Aliexpress. It took about 15 days to deliver. The wider screen and less curvy from the middle makes it even easier to use the touchscreen display. To start the watch just install the Mi fit application from play store/app store and pair it directly. It will upgrade the firmware and keep it running. Note: If one Mi band is paired with one Mi fit account then it cannot be paired into another Mi fit account (Mi calls it a security feature) so first you will have to unpair it then only you can pair it with a different account.


The home screen is changeable and can be changed as many smartwatches offer. Finally, we are free from the monochrome wrath of Mi band. Mi band 3’s black and white display was good only till the first month, but after that, I got bored and needed some colors in my smartwatch to which Mi band 4 became the wish-fulfiller. This band has almost every feature one would need in a watch (of course not the high-end ones like the ECG monitor in Apple watch). But sleep tracker, alarm, call notification, media playing, left/right wrist support. All can be chosen by the end user on his/her needs, that is what I think is the best part of this band. The Apple watch doesn’t even let people connect to a non-apple phone, what a shame!


This pill looking shape is all that takes to power the whole watch, the strap is changeable. This pill looking shape along with its perfectly round and curved display is such an OCD thing. I cannot resist taking it out from the strap and just playing around with it! It is still waterproof and I can still go swimming with it yay! The watch looks really good on the hand and is comfortable. I can just literally go days without even knowing that I’m wearing it until I come to my laptop and it sticks around the edge of my laptop’s keyboard and I have to take it off :<. Just order the watch in the black strap and later you can buy new straps from your local dealer regularly.  


The charging cable in new as the position of charging port has changed from top to bottom. So the charging cable of Mi band 3 and 2 won’t work with this one. With 135 mAh battery, it is promising 20 days of battery. Although the battery can last for up to 30 days if you don’t use it a lot. But if you keep poking that heart rate sensor all day, then it might not even last 7 days. I am yet to try one full charge battery life, but I was very happy with the Mi band 3’s battery backup, it used to usually reach 25 days on the go. Charging time is around 2 hours. Just plug it in any regular charger (1 A or 2A ) either of them takes around 2 hours as the watch restricts current flow and charging speed.  

Media (Music)

The most exciting feature of Mi band 4 is playing media, which wasn’t there in the earlier versions. The options available are Play-Previous, Play-Next, Pause/Resume, Volume Up, Volume Down Thankfully, now we won’t be needing to install third party applications to change music. This was the most important feature for me as my music is almost always playing. I sleep with music, I eat with music, I study with music.

Other Features

All these basic features like heart-rate sensor (although now improved from the previous version), weather, workout, notifications, alarms, calls, messages still exist with a hell lot of features that you might not even get to know ever. I never used the running mode because I am happy with the step counter (pedometer) itself.


The one thing I don’t like about Mi is that it doesn’t let users customize the band to an extent it should. We cannot set custom vibration patterns, custom alarms, change icons, etc. for which we have to rely on third-party applications. I have been was using notify and fitness pro version from google play store. But currently, Mi band 4 is not supported. I have mailed the developer to ask for support, hope that gets implemented soon. The display will get scratched easily and when you go out in the sun, it will annoy you, make sure to get a screen protector on.  


An overall piece of pie it is. All day all night you can wear it, until start working on your laptop. Either you’ll have to take it off or pull it backward on the wrist, or it will keep annoying you. Just install third-party applications and go are good to go for fully customizable options; if you need them. I use almost all the features on the band and love to explore more options in it. This watch is a must-have for tech geeks like me. You’ll discover new feature almost every week for a few months in third-party applications like there’s also an option for sleep quality where it measures how many times you woke up in the middle of the sleep and how long did you sleep, pretty cool huh! I am sure you’ll also find a favorite feature that will become indispensable for you.

I would rate this watch a staggering 9/10