Mi Phone : User Review

by Divya Rajpurohit

The last Mobile device I own was from Xiaomi Mi Brand. The model I got was Mi Max 2 in Black. I buy the device in March 2018 from Official site of Xiaomi. This model has two different options on the basis of the storage and according to the selected storage type I paid Rs. 14,999. This device has a long display which makes it the phablet (phone + tablet) and according to its hardware design with the full metal body it feels really smooth in hand. These features are a good choice for e-book readers so I choose it.


The Max 2 got 16.4cm/6.44 inches immersive display and Stereo effect with the dual speaker which make it more fun for e-book reading, playing video games and listening to music. The 5300 mAh battery power got my back when I need to make urgent phone calls, texts or chat on web applications in no charging situations. The Snapdragon 625 processor keeps the HD quality movies at my device roll smooth giving a home theater experience. With the width of 88.7mm and thickness of 7.6mm, it was easy to carry it in a crowded bag while traveling on a daily basis.

Best Features

The Best of technology/device came to you when you use it at least for a while so after spending months using Max 2 I got some results that show the power of Octa-core processor. Some of the features which remarkably differentiate it from other Mobile devices were Split Screen mode so the user can work on two different types of apps/files in one screen. I use it during conference video calls so I can be watching them while typing the notes in a word file. Just like this, I got different opinions about these features which should get in this review.


As being the lover of photography for half of my life I wanted the Xiaomi phone camera especially the rear camera to be good enough for capturing the HD photographs. In Max 2 Xiaomi provide the 12MP rear camera with the focal length of 2.2 covering the large 1.25-micrometer pixels. I got the two-tone flash with PDFA autofocus so I can click the images while moving without putting much time in setting up the camera first. The features which introduced newly to me of Xiaomi phone were Low light photography, face recognition, and Burst mode. The front camera with 5MP provides the Beauty filter with 85degree wide angle so anyone who likes to capture their own images it was good to go.


The large Screen display which was the main card for Xiaomi brand while launching Max 2 works really amazing with the 1920 x 1080 resolution, 450nit or 1000:1 contrast ratio. And when you paid almost 15 k bucks for an electronic item keeping it safe seems more important to me so at this point the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display save your pocket. Other then this the Sunlight and Night display, Color temperature adjustment with inbuilt reading mode make it more easy to use for reading e-books on my devices at any time.


For the movie keepers, it’s more important to have the movie in your device rather than watching it. and that’s the point where Storage plays a big role. after using the Max 2 for 8 months I found more than 30GB movie data stored in my device without any “Storage Capacity full” notification on the head. Max 2 provide 4GB RAM with internal storage of 32/64 GB. and it’s just a 1000 bucks difference between the model of 4GB + 32GB and 4GB + 64GB. And it becomes a great deal when your 44gb data run smoothly on the device without any interruption.


The main problem arises when you use your mobile device for a time then find its battery problem especially when you are the person who forgot to put the charger in the bag before leaving aka just like me. Max provide the 5300mAh High capacity battery which was the main reason I buy this Xiaomi phone. If we leave the technical terms behind It charges fast and stay charged for a long time without putting the power saving mode on.

Worst features

No matter how many good features you put in a device there always be something that can be the real mess for the user. The long time I put in the comparisons of Max 2 from other Xiaomi phones the sooner it makes me realize that there are some things which do not make this device worth its price. And if you are one of those persons who need the Mobile device just for some specific task then I guess you need to check these worst features given ahead.

Full Metal Body

The metallic body makes Max 2 good look-wise. But being smooth came as its biggest point in the cons. if you really want to use this phone you will need a more supportive surface’s back cover.

Front Camera

The Front camera provided by Xiaomi phone’s other models is way more good in capturing the selfie then Max2. If you put less then 10k bucks for Xiaomi phone’s Redmi model you will get Background light controlling feature with more megapixels lenses for the front camera. So if you are the Selfie queen/king of social media you might be disappointed with its facial recognition 36 smart beauty profiles front camera.


In my point of view, Xiaomi Max 2 provides all the newly introduced features with some old fashioned system application like voice recorder, compass, calculator and scanner. So these things make it a perfect device for Housewives who use the phone without charging it for a long time, for the persons who does 9 to 5 job and loves to read books or talking to someone on phone while travelling back to home and for the teenagers who just love to play video games or watching movies without interruption and storage problems. I would definitely recommend this device to other peoples.


According to me Mi Max 2 stand on 8 out of 10.