Noise Shots X5: Owner Review

by Taniya Sarkar

I’m a beatmaker, music producer and a dancer who needs earphones or headphones while traveling, and since I’m my own personal music critic, I need earphones or headphones of the top-notch at a reasonable price. Generally, wireless devices are considered to be a big NO among beatmakers. However, if someone wants to use them on the go, just to listen to some good music, it’s fine to use wireless earphones or headphones plus no one likes to deal with the wire of earphones. And, that’s why I started my quest to find a good quality pair of wireless earphones for my arsenal. Later, after looking upon a lot of wireless earphones, I came across a company called Noise. I found the name catchy and so after looking into their website I came across their latest product by the name Noise Shots X5. After reviewing its features decided to buy a pair of them. The actual price for the Noise shots were about ₹7000/-. I chose not to buy it because my budget was 3000-4000/-. However, luckily, I got a discount of 3000/- only as an introductory offer and the final price came down to ₹4000/- which sounded like a fair deal to me. Generally known as Noise Shots. is a pair of wireless earphones that come with a case as a charging case which further can be used as a power bank for your smartphone. They’ve also included 3 pairs of silicon tips providing a comfortable fit. Also, they have provided 4 different color options (black, acid blue, candy white, and hot black) for the product to choose from(all of the same price). I ordered the acid blue one (personal preference). The highlighted features in its official site are as follows:

Now one can expect a lot from this pair of earbuds as they promise a lot under just ₹4000/-. However, one should not judge a book just by its cover.

I’m a hardcore user when it comes to any smartphone accessory especially earphones or earbuds, and I’ve been using these earphones for about 3 months now while traveling I did point out some pros and cons of using these earbuds primarily. The features I noticed in this pair of wireless earphones are listed below :

Comfort level

Noise shots are very comfortable and easy to fit in-ear products without any doubt. Being a dancer, I use them while practicing, and if not entirely, noise shots are being able to stay in the position most of the time. But when it comes to extreme conditions such as traveling in overcrowded regions such as crowded metro stations, it is not preferred to put on these earphones as they can easily fall off.

Sound quality

According to me, the sound quality is indeed balanced both the high ends and the low ends of frequencies are balanced. Nothing is too loud.


All other colors were good indeed and of the same price but I purposely chose the acid blue color after reviewing all different colors from their official site. The noise shots are looking quite sturdy and elegant.


Honestly, in the beginning, I had issues while using controls of noise shots. It seemed complex to me but later on, I learned how to control them, and it works perfectly fine from changing a song to accepting a call by just tapping one or two times on the earphones.


Even though it’s been about 3 months since I’ve bought this pair of earphones, I can feel that they’ll last long as I’ve already dropped it many times from about 6ft and they still are working as new. Also, they are sweat and splash proof as I sweat a lot during my dance practice sessions.

Price range

Under this price range noise shots is the best option available in the market. As many other wireless earphones are available like noise shot x3 which are cheaper but then they don’t have many features. Further, they have Boult Audio Air Bass Tru5ive wireless earphones which are more affordable, but then one needs to compromise with the sound quality as it is not up to the mark at all.

Time delay

Whenever I use it for playing mobile games, especially online mobile games like PUBG or any other multiplayer games, I have noticed a time delay with the sound coming out of my smartphone to my ear. Due to this time delay, being a beatmaker, I can’t use them while making beats as noticeable time delays between the input and output are there while playing musical notes.

Battery Life

Noise itself claims it gives a backup of up to 5 hours; however, when I was using them, I came to find out that the backup is up to 4 hours. Which was highly disappointing.

Wrapping Up

After observing the experiences mentioned above, I had, I came to this conclusion that Noise Shots X5 is made for a specific type of customer. Therefore, it’s a big thumbs up for those who require a decent pair of wireless earphones for general purposes such as listening to music on the go and those who want to listen to the balanced sound rather than boosted sounds. Further, one can buy a great pair of wired earphones under ₹4000 but if that, not the type of customer you are then Noise Shots X5 is a great option to go for. Now, it’s a big thumbs down if you’re a customer who likes to hear the bass boosted sounds as Noise Shots only provides balanced sound. Also, if you’re a gamer or a beatmaker don’t go for Noise Shots as the time delay due to these will slow down your workflow. So, overall, I would like to give it a rating of 6.5 out of 10.