by ahmed-haroon

As a college student and an enthusiast, I am always looking to sink my hands in new phones and gadgets that are affordable. When OnePlus 6T was announced back in October, articles came flooding in on how great this phone was. Naturally inclined, I went ahead and got myself this phone. I have been using this phone for many months now – from using Twitter to taking pictures and recording videos to playing PUBG – and I can honestly say I am impressed. It has all you could want in a phone and more… and still comes at half the price of some other high end smartphones in the market.  

Outstanding camera

When it comes to the camera, the phone’s 16 Megapixel camera resolution just outshines the price tag. Although I will not go as far as to say it surpasses other phones by a noticeable gap, a lot of the photos I took made me just go “wow.” If anything, it’s just as good as a camera on a £700+ phone. This phone captures dark scenes very well using its AI-assisted nightscape mode. In light, the colors of the pictures I took were very on point. When it comes to video, its slow motion and time lapse modes are spectacular. Video performance with a 4k resolution is also great with its auto stabilization being very responsive. Its front facing camera is also nice and sharp. However, the camera zoom in low light is a bit disappointing as I started to lose detail and contrast. Also, in order to capture a picture in the night mode, I oftentimes had to stay still for a few seconds to make sure that the picture is not grainy.  

Large and stunning display

It has a very small tear-drop notch compared to some other phones which means that there is more space for the screen on the top left and right of the phone. To be exact, it has a screen to body ratio of 86.62 percent. Its 6.41 inch AMOLED display provides with a gorgeous picture quality with great contrast and deep blacks. Moreover, the display is just as prominent and stunning in bright sunlight. The phone’s night and reading modes are also highly applaudable. It also has an in-screen finger print scanner that makes the phone feel futuristic and magical. However, the phone does not support HDR display and the colors, I felt, were not as deep as some other flagship phones that I have been using.  

Software: fluid user experience

OnePlus 6T uses Android Pie overlaid with the most recent version of OxygenOS (which is a customized version of Android by OnePlus). Although it is very similar to Android, it comes with some added features, some of which I mentioned earlier like the smart boost. It also has a feature for navigation gestures that you can use instead of the navigation bar itself. The phone is well suited for one-handed use. In my experience, its navigation gestures are very easy to use and provide a very unique and comfortable user experience. You can also change the gestures in the settings. I found the interface to not only be ideal if I want to use the phone without any extra features but also great if I want to delve deeper into certain settings and access some more specific features. However, I found this phone to be not ideal if you want to use Google’s assistant.  

Fast charging and long battery life

The phone has a 3700 mAh battery which is relatively great compared to some other phones in the market. Adding to this, when it comes to battery life, this phone outperforms almost all other sets (even some packed with larger batteries). For me, the phone’s battery easily lasts for an entire day, sometimes even stretching to up to two days before I need a recharge. I can play an entire movie and lose no more than 10 percent of the charge. On top of this, it also has a fast-charge option – the phone charges for an entire day of use in no more than an hour. However, I was surprised to find out that the phone does not have a wireless charging capability which is fast becoming a standard these days.  

Sleek and premium design

This phone has a top-end design with a very go-to aesthetic. The glass body on both sides makes the phone look very premium. It has a very distinct reflection on the back glass panel which adds to its sleek look. The glass also repels the fingerprints very well and is easy to clean. With its dimensions of 157.5 x 74.8 x 8.2mm and a mere weight of 185 grams, the phone feels very comfortable to grip and sits well in the hand. The absence of a headphone jack is a throw off. However, the phone does come with an adapter for the headphone jack.  

Performance: flagship speed

With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, the phone delivers flagship performance. It has an Octacore processor and 6 GBs (or 8GBs, depending on the version) of RAM. It also has some software functionalities that augment the phone’s performance. With its gaming mode, the phone gives a faultless fluid gaming performance. Another remarkable feature is that of smart boost that is enabled by default and continually reallocates memory to make sure the phone feels fast. All of this allows for a gaming, streaming and multitasking experience without a noticeable lag in the speed. In my many months of use, I have not experienced a performance issue in my day to day use even once. All applications launch quickly and switching between them using the gesture controls is as seamless as it can be.  


I am glad I bought this phone. The phone has a gorgeous display with a tiny teardrop notch. It has a super-fast in-display sensor, a long lasting battery, and an amazing user interface. It competes and/or outperforms other flagship phones that cost more than 700 pounds in almost all aspects of design and performance and half the price. All in all, I will give this phone an 8.5/10 rating.