oneplus 7 Pro : OWNER REVIEW

by Aakash Mk

June 29, 2019

My name is Aakash Mk. I’ve been using the OnePlus 7 Pro for quite some time now. I chose it because it delivers amazing speed combined with a gorgeous display.
I use this phone on a daily basis to watch hours of Netflix as well as play quite a bit of PUBG. Instagram surfing is also a common activity.
Below I’ll be giving you the pros and the cons.

Design: A gorgeous display with premium build quality


The Oneplus 7 pro has a stunning edge to edge 90Hz 1440p with an OLED display. The curved display as seen in the Samsung s10 at half the price makes the phone all the more desirable.
Earlier I had an S9 and I love curved edges so this phone appealed to me greatly. The curved edges make for a better cinematic experience making it perfect for my above average viewing of NETFLIX although one must be careful while handling the phone and I use a case in order to protect the phone from drops.
It has quite a bit of weight which gives it a premium quality and also a gigantic 6.67-inch display. This makes handling the phone singlehandedly quite a task and I felt my pockets bulging a little too much due to this.
There is also a physical button which makes it easier to toggle between silent modes which were seen in earlier models.

The most noticeable change would be the absence of a front facing camera which has been replaced by a pop up.
The pop-up camera is very durable and has safety features comparable to a turtle.
As soon as it detected the phone falling the camera pops back in completely safe. I tested this feature quite a number of times dropping onto my bed and it works like a charm. This camera is however not without its cons. The camera does make a pretty annoying sound though when it pops up and many a time I felt less inclined to use the face unlock.
You might wanna use the onscreen fingerprint in place of the face unlock as it much quicker.
The phone is quite slippery in the hands owing to its glass back.

Wireless charging, however, is still a distant dream and personally, due to the absence of a wireless charger in my home I haven’t felt the absence although some people see that as a disadvantage.

The lack of an IP rating made me reluctant to use the phone during tea time and on pool days.
The headphone jack also goes missing as is the norm with phones now as well as the micro sd slot.

Camera: The best OnePlus has to offer

If there’s one aspect where the company has lacked the firepower it would be the camera.
Now don’t get me wrong the cameras of the previous models are not bad. They just aren’t exceptional. For the OnePlus 7 Pro they aimed to change that opinion.

The OnePlus 7 pro boasts a triple cam which is a first for the company and it does it’s job very well indeed.
It consists of a 48MP main camera with a 16MP ultrawide and 8MP telephoto lens.
This allows for all the tricks and gimmicks of the recent flagships such as ultrawide shots and much improved zooming clarity.
The photos come out extremely well although it may not be as good as the Google pixel 3 it still gives it a tough fight.

Video quality comes out well but still not the best in class.
The front facing camera has a 16MP camera which produces true to life portrait shots.
The OnePlus, however, lacks in the low light department as I used the phone indoors there was a slight reduction in clarity.

Performance: Blazingly fast

Coming to it’s speed and performance it is SILLY fast with snapdragon 885 processor with different rams 6/8/12GB with internal 128/256GB and is the fastest Android device till date.
This phone was a dream to use and amazingly quick. I felt this difference especially when playing heavy duty games such as PUBG.
Instagram scrolling too is buttery smooth due to the 90HZ refresh rate which makes it very quick indeed.
Multitasking is a joke for this phone and is very fluid indeed. I have never felt a lag ever since my usage and trust me I tried very hard to try to deter the 12GBs of ram but to no avail.
This is definitely a high-performance super mobile.

Battery: A powerhouse with warp top up speeds

The battery capacity is 4000mAh which is a lot but with a 90 Hz refresh rate, it requires the extra juice. It has warp charging which from 0-50 takes about 20mins. As mentioned earlier it doesn’t support wireless charging which might be an issue for some people.
I sometimes set the high refresh rate to 60HZ in order to conserve battery life.
The warp charger is big but with the speed, size is not really an issue.

The battery doesn’t need to be long lasting due to the high speed of charging but it lasts long enough.
Playing for long periods of time is a breeze for this phone and I could easily get through a day of heavy usage including PUBG.


The Oneplus 7 pro is definitely one of the best midrange phones in the market giving some of the flagships a run for their money. It has blazing performance combined with a gorgeous build as well as a high capability camera.
I loved using it every minute and the only area where I feel they need improvement is their camera and also slight reduction in size.
Although it might be the most expensive model that OnePlus has to offer it is much affordable compared to the model’s it is up against such as the S10 and the iPhone Xs.
It certainly does offer a bang for your buck and is the most feature rich phone you can buy at this moment.
Overall I would give the One Plus 7 Pro a rating of 9/10.

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July 6, 2019

A really detailed review!
This has been a decisive element for my choice.