Oppo F1s: User Review

by RJ Lyn Tuan

Friday, February 10, 2017


Oppo F1s was launched last August 2016 and was overly known to be the “Best Selfie Smartphone” that has pique the interest of many. Including me. I have always been a fan of Apple but for my secondary phone, I wanted a non-iOS phone which led me to buying my first android phone in years! The past years, my hands only held a series of different iPhone models so it was exciting to own an Oppo F1s. I am not fussy when it comes to technology as I am always like a curious child when it comes to gadgets. So when this gadget came out, I bought it 3 months after in an Oppo Outlet Store in Robinsons Mall Butuan.


Battery Life and Charging Issues

Battery Type: 3075 mAh (Non-removable)

My Oppo F1s battery has slightly higher mAh than my iPhone 6. With portable chargers available anywhere, a lower mAh is not really an issue, at least for me. My battery usually last me a day or two if I’m not using it all the time. But when I watch videos or movies on my phone, I need to charge it twice in a day. One downside of this is probably the charging because the Oppo F1s don’t have the VOOC fast charging feature. But there’s nothing a few hacks won’t solve. When I charge my phone, I put it in Airplane and Low Battery mode. It seems to charge faster when I do it this way.

Performance and Design

Weighing 160g with dimensions 76 mm (width) x 154.5 mm (height), the phone is quite bigger than your typical older smartphones. The design of Oppo F1s is slightly similar to an iPhone especially the Rose Gold version which almost looks like an iPhone Plus from afar.

The difference is the shape of the touch access or the home button of the iPhone. The Oppo F1s has a square-rectangular-ish design compared to the circle shape of the iPhone. It also has a back button on the right side of the touch access and on the right side is a that button will help you manage your apps.

I have decorated the back of my phone with stickers to go along with my laptop and it looks really good in contrast to the Rose Gold color.


Strength and Durability

So far I haven’t faced any major problems with my Oppo F1s. I constantly travel and my phone fell a couple of times on the floor but it’s still working. The hardest hit my phone had was last week while I was when I was working out in the gym and because I don’t have an arm band (I badly need one!), I placed it on top of the elliptical trainer’s monitor while I was listening to music using my earphones. I was in the zone and was so pumped up while doing my strides and I reached down for my water then I felt my earphones pulling and heard a loud thumping sound. Oh no! My phone! Not even my ninja skills could have saved it. But surprisingly, it’s still working which I am really happy about.

Best Features

Camera – Being tagged as the best selfie smartphone, ofcourse I had high hopes when it comes to the camera and it definitely lived up to my expectations. It might not be as good as it is during low light scenes but overall, it’s great! I love the filters and the Ultra HD option which is great in taking pictures. It can be a good addition to your travel essentials. I use my Oppo F1s in taking pictures for my blog when I don’t have DSLR camera with me. It comes in handy when I go to restaurants and take a quick snap of beautiful food presentations. In this photo I have used the beauty option.


Touch Access – I always encounter problems in my iPhone with the touch ID so when the saleslady did the phone promotion in the store, she boasted the Oppo F1s’ 0.22s touch access. And I loved it! The only time it doesn’t respond quickly is when I have a sweaty finger, which totally makes sense.

Fingerprint Activated App Launch – This is really exciting especially if you’re always on the go or traveling as you can customize fingerprint commands. You easily launch your favorite apps with just a few taps. I mean, how cool is that?

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Worst Features

Button Placement – The thing that annoys me though is the placement of the buttons. Whenever I watch videos, I always either press the back button or accidentally turn of the screen (the on and off switch button). I usually watch movies or videos when I am working on my laptop so I place it near my screen. If I have to move, I always get caught in this dilemma. Which happens every single day.


Charging Time – As I have mentioned above, the charging time might put off some people because it doesn’t have the VOOC fast charging system. If you’re always out and you require a smartphone that could last for a longer period of time even if you’re using it, then you might want to skip this phone. However, if you have access to a socket or you’re mostly indoors or in the office, then I would suggest you give this phone a closer look.

App Problems – I am a huge fan of Smule and I use it almost every day if I’m not busy with work. I know this is a problem for a fact because I have the same app in my iPhone and it works very well. The vocals go well with the audio when I am recording. However, in my Oppo F1s, the vocals are delayed which makes my recordings really bad. I have tried recording with earphones and without earphones as I thought the problem might be on my earphones’ mic but it’s not. Some apps usually crash or my adobe reader just freeze for a while and then it works again.


I’ve come to the end of my review and overall, I think the Oppo F1s is a decent smartphone especially to those who enjoys taking pictures and selfies all day, every day. The camera is its best quality which explains why it is called the selfie expert. I use my Oppo F1s every day for both work and pleasure and it works just fine for me.

The Oppo F1s is among the best handsets that Oppo has created even though it may seem like you’re a selfie-addict just because this is meant to take awesome selfies. The Oppo F1s is a better choice compared to its older sister, the Oppo F1.

What makes this phone brilliant is the overall feel and performance of the gadget. While there might be some setbacks like the charging time and slow response at times, it also comes with great features like the quick touch access and decent front and rear cameras.

For the most part, this is definitely a good smartphone to use whether you are traveling or lazying around the house. While this might not be the most affordable smartphone in the market today, if “selfie is life” then go ahead and buy yours now!

Overall Rating 


by RJ Lyn Tuan

by RJ Lyn Tuan

Friday, February 10, 2017

RJ Lyn is a traveling introvert who enjoys spending her time exploring new places and trying different cuisines and write about them. If she's not blogging, then you'll definitely find her in a beach somewhere.

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