Realme 2 : Owner Review

by Hridhya Shaju

Hey everyone, I am Hridhya Shaju. I am an engineering graduate in Information Technology. I love electronic gadgets a lot and before buying one I spend a lot of time researching about the products affordable within my budget. A few months back, I was looking for a good Smartphone to buy for my mother when I came across this particular one. Till then, I hadn’t heard about this particular brand since I was pretty loyal to my favorite brand Honor. The specifications of the Smartphone are pretty great for the price (I bought it for 9999 INR from Amazon). So, I decided to give it a try. And honestly speaking, I was quite surprised. My mother is actually in love with this phone. She gets to click beautiful pictures and surf social media like whatsapp and facebook without having to worry about battery drainage. She is all smiles and is quite happy with my selection. This Smartphone is totally worth its money and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. even though it’s my mother’s phone I use it to access my social media like instagram. I also use it to surf youtube. I also use it for other apps like OLX, Uber, UberEats and for clicking photographs and selfies.The weight of the phone is around 168 grams hence, it’s quite lightweight.

Camera features

The camera is the real winner here. For such a small price, the camera is exceptionally good. The front camera or the selfie camera is awesome and it comes with many filters similar to the B612 camera app. This phone has a dual rear camera of 13MP and 2MP. The portrait/Bokeh mode is really great and the pictures are all high definition. This is a good phone for budding photographers. It also has AI beautification features which helps in smoothing out the blemishes, wrinkles etc from the skin. All in all you get professional looking photographs and selfies that garner lots of likes on instagram. The focus is also great. shooting with this phone is actually quite easy and a wonderful experience.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is another great feature of this phone. Realme 2 is equipped with 4230mAH lithium-ion battery which has quite an endurance. With full charge it lasts for 30 hrs on standby and even with constant usage like playing videos, music etc it still manages to last around 20 hours.  Also, the phone rarely heats up. Even while charging. That is a big plus according to me. I observed the battery drainage during gaming as well and it’s pretty low. It doesn’t heat up even then.


Screen resolution

The screen resolution is also great. Also, the screen size is pretty good since it’s an expansive screen. It’s great to watch movies and all because the resolution is not compromised. The touch is also quite nice and pretty efficient. It also has the split screen feature which helps one use two apps at the same time. For example, I can shop on amazon while watching videos on youtube. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Memory/Storage and Performance

The phone has an in built memory of 32 GB which is expandable up to 256 GB. (This phone also comes with an in built memory of 64 GB and 4 GB RAM with a slight increase in price.) The storage is pretty efficient in this phone. It also has an in-built cleaning tool for swiftly cleaning out cache and other junk.The 3GB RAM of the phone is quite efficient in ensuring that the phone doesn’t hang. In fact, it rarely slows down even when I am using high RAM consuming apps.The phone has a steps tracker which keeps track of the number of steps taken by the user. So, it’s a great buy for the fitness freaks and health conscious people out there.The speaker is also quite great. You would rarely need to keep the volume at maximum. Since all of the photographs taken using the rear camera are HD, it’ll take up a lot of space. So I’d recommend a good SD card. You probably wont face any storage issues if you regularly use the tool to clear out the cache and junk. In this phone you cannot transfer the apps to SD card, that’s the only negative point. But till now I haven’t faced any storage issues because I regularly clear out cache and transfer my photos to drive. The operating system of the phone is Android Oreo 8.1 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octa Core 1.8 GHz processor. The phone is fast and the apps doesn’t take any time to load on start up. Even after powering on, it boots up pretty fast. The performance is rarely compromised.


Gaming features

The feature I like the most about this phone is the gaming capacity. It’s excellent. The resolution and the speed of the game are never compromised and it never gets stuck provided you have a good internet connection. It has an in-built application called Game Space which ensures that the user gets the best gaming experience. Once you install the game on the phone, just open the game space app and insert the game into it. Thus, every time you start the game, game space will take care of the rest of the background work like optimizing RAM and CPU performance. It also blocks out notifications during the game so that one can game without being hindered. Only phone calls will come through.



The phone has fingerprint as well as facial unlock system. You can store up to 6 fingerprints. The facial unlock AI is pretty efficient in facial recognition although it won’t work in poor lighting situations. The fingerprint scanner is pretty efficient and quick. It also has pass code and pattern lock. This smartphone is pretty secure. And if the fingerprint scanner is covered with grime sometimes it may not read your fingerprint accurately so you won’t be able to unlock it. If  you face such an issue just wipe the scanner with a cotton  pad and it’ll be fine.


Other features

It is also equipped with night shied which is to protect the eyes from the harmful blue rays while using the phone in poor lighting areas.The package of the phone comes with a pre-applied screen protector, a phone case and sim removal tool along with the user manuals. The phone case may look simple but is quite sturdy and does a pretty great job of protecting the phone. The phone case is transparent. The design of the phone is pretty cool. The back of the phone has stylish panels. The color is also dashing.  It’s quite a stylish, slim phone. It’s not bulky at all. the screen is not made of Gorilla glass hence it is advised to get a good tempered glass screen protector.The GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity is also pretty great for this phone. Its hotspot feature has a wider range compared to other phones in this price range.


To sum up, I would say that Realme 2 is one of the best smartphones out there in the market in the price range of (8000-15000 INR). It has great features, great battery life, and great speed… what more can you ask for? The phone is a frigging steal to be honest. For battery capacity I would give 10/10. For camera I would give 9/10. For gaming features I would give 9/10. For speakers I would give 8/10. For screen resolution I would give 10/10. For performance I would give 9/10. I would happily give this phone a rating of 10 but l am going to settle for 9.5/10.