Redmi Note 5: User Review

by Sourav Paul

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Recently I have bought the Redmi Note 5, and it is quite a budget-friendly phone if you are looking for a lot of feature within the range of $200. Here, I will give you a detailed Redmi Note 5 user review.


I am very much satisfied with this gadget or let’s say my new electronic friend, and this is a first Xiaomi phone which I have bought after listening to a lot of positive reviews from the people I know. I have purchased the black variant of this device, and it comes with the fingerprint unlock and 5.99 display which is the key feature why I chose this device apart from Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. The 4 GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage helps this phone to run smoothly for the whole day. My previous device was a Samsung Tablet 4 and my entire experience of having an electronic device changed vigorously after I switched to this phone.

Best Features


So this Redmi Note 5 comes with the latest MIUI 9. This version is based on the Android 7.1.2 nougat. It might be disappointing to many users to have a phone which is not having Android Oreo in 2018. This version is considered to be very popular among the other Android, and it may be tad bloated, but it has a lot of features when it comes to contributing to the performance of the device. The startup time of the app and the overall performance have improved. This phone will come with some preloaded apps like the WPS office, Hungama and the Amazon shopping which you can also uninstall any time. You will also be getting various apps from the Google in addition to the Xiaomi gallery, music or browsing apps. So, the overall experience of the software of Redmi Note 5 is pretty much awesome, and it is an excellent Smartphone within this range. The Android version of this phone is Nougat.


This phone comes with the hybrid sim slot where you can easily insert two sims where one will be the nano sim, and you can also insert Micro SD card on the other. I have bought the variant with 32GB, and I have kept one 4G sim and kept another in the place for the SD card.


When you first look at the design of Redmi Note 5 you will find it quite similar with the previous version that is the Redmi Note 4, but one thing that you will be happy about this version and that is the length of this phone. This phone is not much wider, but it’s very lengthy. The big display will not only help you to have a better view of the screen, but it has sharp edges with the 2.5 D curved edge glass which has definitely worked wonder for making this phone look gorgeous. Due to its design, it is very easy to hold the phone. One can easily use it single-handedly, and it will definitely fit your palm. The phone is sturdy, and the quality of the build is very solid. It is also quite heavy.

user review of redmi note 5


The display of this phone is the key feature of why people are opting for this electronic gadget. So the display of the screen is having an aspect ratio of 18:9. Because of the display of 5.99, I have bought this phone. The 2160*1080 resolution is amazing. So the display of this screen is 12.5% more than the previous version, and it also has a proper contrast which is deep and is also vivid. Due to the color accuracy, the images and the text look very sharp, and it is having tad reflective so you can view the screen from any angle and it will still look excellent. This is the reason why I have viewed several 4K videos on my phone, and it has worked flawlessly, and I have also bagged several compliments for my phone due to this feature.

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Clicking any pictures during the daytime, it is definitely going to give you that DSLR feeling. The camera of this phone has definitely upgraded, and whenever you are clicking selfies during the night time, there is a front flash that will light up your face. This phone comes with the 12-megapixel rear camera. It can take some good landscape shots and when you are clicking any close-up images of objects and the color reproduction is quite impressive. The sharpness of the pictures is quite mixed, and the focus of the camera is very quick so you won’t have to wait a long time for clicking find shots.

The front camera is 5 megapixel so you can take excellent selfies. When you are recording with the help of the rear camera, it will record them at the resolution of 1080p which is quite a good quality. You can also record the video with front camera in the same resolution.

These are the few things that a person should know if they are opting for this device. To sum up the entire article, some of the pros and cons of buying this model are stated below.

Pros of Redmi Note 5 In Short

  • Excellent processor. My phone is very smooth even if I am multitasking on it
  • The battery life is quite impressive
  • The display is having the aspect ratio of 18:9
  • The build is very solid
  • It comes with the split screen, so it is quite helpful during many times

Worst Features

Low Light Camera Performance

If you are clicking pictures during the night time, then all you will be looking at is yellow pictures. So, it is clear that in the low light conditions this camera is going to struggle. This is a problem which I have seen in the previous models also.

No Dual 4G Support

Another thing that might be disappointing to many people and that is you won’t be able to keep two 4G sims in the slot. One must be 4G, and the other can be 3G or 2G. So, I think that if they could have provided with the type C port, then it could have been more beneficial.

Cons of this Redmi Phone

  • Bug report is the one thing that has ruined my experience of this phone and appears many times when any of the application is not working.
  • The camera in low light is not satisfactory
  • There is no fast charging
  • The SIM slot could have two places for putting the 4G sims
  • Sometimes the touch does not respond, and I have to lock it again and open it to refrain it from the hanged state
  • Fingerprint unlock is good, but it would have been better if it had the face unlock. Nobody wants to keep on unlocking the device with their fingers. Unlocking a device with just a glance is more convenient.


The on-paper specification and the performance of the device are not satisfactory as they are using MIUI 9 and is the reason why the hardware is not functioning optimally. The hardware of this device is extremely strong, but due to some glitches, it may not work the way you want. The overall experience with this device is excellent, and at this range, it is hard to get a phone with so many specifications. Even if it is sacrificing on the processor side, but still it is providing amazing functionality to the user. So if you are looking for a phone that is under $200 with excellent packed features, then this is something that you should definitely go for.

Rating 7/10

When I compare this phone with other devices at this range, Redmi Note 5 has some cool features that I like. However, as this is an upgraded model from Redmi Note 4, so, I had expected more realistic features and better performance.


by Sourav Paul

by Sourav Paul

Saturday, August 11, 2018

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