Release of the new Iphone 8, 8 PLUS and X.

by rewel-mbugua

It is now official. Renowned phone manufacturer has released three brand new phone models; IPhone 8 IPhone 8 PLUS and the IPhone X. For you to own yourself one of this gems, you will have to dig deep into your pocket because they are not so cheap. The IPhone 8 and 8 plus are more similar to the IPhone 7 and 7 plus. What has set itself apart is the IPhone X. It has a stylish design and comes with extra features. This bold move by Apple will leave competitors such as the Samsung Note 8 which had been the hottest for a moment thrown off the balance.


Why should you have a phone that operates smoothly and packs all good features if the battery does not last for a long time?  As I noted earlier, the Iphone 8 and 8 Plus can last as long as the Iphone 7 and IPhone 7 plus respectively. That is approximately 14 hours when used throughout. Not bad. The new Iphone X can last two hours more than this. 21 hours talk time which is more than enough for you to complete your tasks and go back home in time to charge your phone. The three phones charge fairly quickly but it may take some time until it is fully charged. Owing to the powerful batteries, it makes it possible for the phones to accommodate for improved quality of pictures and video. All the three phones offer wireless charging capability.


apple stylish design

All the three IPhone Phones are IP67 waterproof which helps take away any worry you may have in case the phone falls into water. The IPhone 8 is the smallest of the three. When it comes to the most creative design, I would have to give it to the IPhone X. The IPhone 8 and 8 PLUS are made of aluminum frame. Colors available are silver, space grey and gold. They have glass rear. The IPhone X has a glass frame and is available in only two colors. It also has a rear glass. The IPhone 8 plus is largest and IPhone X has a size in between the two.All three phones come with a new processor called A11 Bionic chip which means they will almost operate the same except for a few differences.It has six cores and 4.3 billion transitors. The Iphone 8 has the largest RAM OF 2GB. Apple has also included Apple unique GPU with a three core design that makes the phones run smoothly  and makes your game playing experience  very enjoyable.All the three phones come standard with 64 and 256 GB. The internal memory cannot be extended because the phones do not have an SD card slot.


The new A11 Bionic chipset makes it possible for the IPhone to give the extra power that is needed to optimize all new features in the IPhone. The graphical and processing improvements require a strong processor and battery and that is what Apple has done with all the three new IPhone. The new chipset used helps to improve focusing, face detection and the improved pixels in the phone.


There is a lot to talk about here. The phone is a gem. First of all there is the screen. You will notice the difference with the predecessors to this new phones especially the Iphone X.
  1. The phone has a full size which makes sure nothing gets in the way when watching your favorite videos, playing games or using the phone in general. It has smooth curves and an impeccable design. The Iphone X packs a super Retina HD display. All three phones have True Tone technology which helps them adjust their brightness according to their environment. The screen is also pressure sensitive which helps it to react based on the amount of pressure you apply. All the three have larger screens than their predecessors. The IPhone X however offers HDR and Dolby vision.
  2. Camera-

    dynamic camera

    The Apple IPhone 8 has a single camera with up to 5x zoom. The IPhone 8 PLUS offers dual rear cameras horizontally placed which gives up to 12x zoom. It also has a wide angle sensor and telephoto sensor to help you focus when taking your photos. The IPhone X on the other hand has a rear camera that is also vertically placed. It supports wide angle and telephoto imaging as well as stabilizing which helps in taking high quality images. IPhone X and 8 PLUS offer portrait mode. They also support taking 4k videos.
  3. Charging- all the three phones support wireless charging which helps eliminate the need for wires.
  4. The Iphone 8 and 8 PLUS support fingerprint scanning sensor while the IPhone X supports FaceID with the use of the TrueDepth camera.



Apple has made taken a bold move to release the new 3 IPhone gadgets. The IPhone 8 and 8 PLUS are more or less the same as the IPhone 7 and 7 respectively. The IPhone X however stands out from both the phones. It has a more stunning design, supports FaceID unlocking and packs a more functional and powerful camera. Apple has also included a new chipset which results in more power and support for clearer images. The price is however a bit higher and I will leave the decision of buying to you. I would recommend going for the IPhone X.