Remax RC-FC1(Black) Cellphone Holder : Owner Review

by Golam Asif

As a university student, I often have to spend considerable amounts of time audio chatting with my course group mates. Most of the time I do this on my cellphone and holding the cell phone for such considerable amounts of time can be a pain. It causes pain in the wrist and fingers, and on top of that holding the cellphone near the ear for long periods of time can harm the brain and increase chances of brain cancer, according to recent research. I also read and watch videos on my cellphone, and obviously, it is troublesome to do these things while holding my cellphone in my hand. So, keeping all these things in mind, I decided to buy a cellphone holder that can hold my cellphone and keep it a certain distance away from me, while I watch YouTube videos on it or audio chat with someone using a headphone. I went to a mall near my house, in which there is a gadget store. As I went there, my eyes immediately fell on some cellphone holders. I asked the shopkeeper to give me one good cellphone holder that has come out recently. He showed me two holders: both from the Chinese company Remax. One was the usual cellphone holder most of us are used to seeing, the other one seemed quite different from what I had imagined a cellphone holder would be like. The shopkeeper urged me to buy the latter one, that is the model RC-FC1. He explained that it had more features, was of better quality and also came packed with an extra mobile charging cable. All these features appealed to me, and I decided to go on and buy it. Although it cost a bit more than the other, I felt that all the extra features were more than enough to compensate for the extra price.

The Product

The product is basically a cellphone holder, but it can also be used as a tab holder. The entire product is made of rubber, with a base that has high friction for resisting any kind of skidding. The product’s covering states that it is for holding your cellphone on the top area covering the dashboards of cars, but I found that it is also perfectly suitable for desks and tables. The product has a rubber base with lots of evenly placed holes in it. It has two separate plastic holders, that have small protrusions towards the bottom. These protrusions can be used to place the holders anywhere on the base, somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. The holders can be placed, with any amount of distance between them as per the desire and necessity of the user. Your cell phone can be placed on top of the holder, and then the product functions like any regular cellphone holder.  There is also a small circular charging port at the edge of the base. This port has a magnetic coating which attaches neatly to another magnet holding the cable that comes with the product. This cable can be plugged into your cell phone for charging or data transfer. The cable that is plugged into your cellphone has two pins, one for Ios phones and another for Android phones.

The Design

The Remax RC-FC1 cellphone holder on my study desk

  The product consists of a flat base, which is entirely black in color, with the company’s logo and name emblazoned in red at its center. The base is filled with evenly placed holes for fixing the cell holders in any configuration you like. These holes give the base an appearance similar to a flat beehive. The holders are made of plastic and are totally black. Both the holders and the base are made out of a very flexible but strong rubber. The cable port is situated in a circle at the edge of the base. The cable port is made out of plastic and is also black in color. The wires are made out of the same material used to make any regular mobile chargers. Overall, the product has a sleek and stylish design.

The Pros

The Cons


The difficulty to fix the holders into the base can be a problem, but I think this difficulty also ensures that the holders are held into place very firmly with very little chance of getting dislodged. With a bit of experience, affixing the holders becomes much easier. The inability to hold cell phones vertically is another issue I had with this holder. However, I feel that this should not be a big concern, because most people place their cellphones horizontally when using a cellphone holder.  The base lacks any suction mechanism, but once again this should not be a problem for most users unless someone is planning to use this inside a rocket or inside a car going up a very steep hill. Overall, I will say that this is a good product but could have been a fantastic product if not for some of its minor issues. This product is definitely worth owning. Priced at around 17.19 US dollars, I would give this product a rating of 7 out of 10. Note: the price can fluctuate depending on where you buy it from.