Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus: User Review

by D. Yordanova

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus: Is practicality worth mediocre quality?

I am currently the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus. I acquired it in September 2015, due to the fact that I damaged my previous phone, which was the same model. You might be wondering why I chose the same model twice, is it really that amazing? Honestly, both of the cases in which I bought the same product were emergencies, meaning I was left without a phone due to the fact that I was irresponsible enough to lose the first one and drown the second. I chose the Galaxy Grand Neo Plus because it is a relatively cheap option, I bought it for only about 180 euros. It is practical for casual use, since it runs basic apps more or less decently. I always recommend this model to people whose phones have been broken or lost, at least until they have the funds for a better option.


Battery life and charging

As a person who didn’t use to spend much time with my face buried in my phone, the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo was quite reasonable to me, on some occasions it even lasted up to two days. But that is relative from one person to another, and not a guarantee. After a year and a half however the battery life is noticeably shorter. I am not sure whether it is because I spend more time on my device or because the battery is just wearing off. The battery life has now decreased from two days to one, and that is only if I’m not using it excessively. If I happen to be using 3G, or have it on maximum brightness, or even watch videos online, the battery drops very drastically. Recently it has been switching off very suddenly. For example, the battery would be on 15% and 20 min later the phone would be completely dead, while in other cases the battery can be on 3% and would last for another 30 min. The charging also takes a long time, and if you happen to have a busy schedule, it is impossible to have your phone fully charged.

Performance and design

With dimensions of 143.7 x 77.1 x 9.6 mm, it is not very impressive in size, but, from my experience, it took me a long time to get used to it. The device first struck me as very big, due to the fact that I have small hands. I had difficulty holding it in one hand, but it all takes time to get used to it. However, I still cannot figure out how to take pictures by holding it solely with one of my hands.  As to the performance, it is like every other phone (in my experience) – it gets worse with time. Apps would take minutes to load, and sometimes they would even mysteriously crash. Also, my fingers type faster than the phone can process which leaves me 30 seconds of waiting for it to type out all that I meant to write, which results in a lot of typos and missing words and letters. It is very frustrating to write messages or e-mails because of the issues with typing.

Durability and strength

For the year and a half that I have owned the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus I have never once sent it for repairs or had major issues with it. As a clumsy person, I have dropped it countless times and each time I have been surprised and relieved how there was not a single crack on it, even if I dropped it screen-down. For me, it’s very impressive after seeing so many of my friends’ iPhones breaking when dropped from short distances. Apart from a few scratches and dents, my phone has no lasting damage. All the buttons, the camera and even the screen are intact and working properly, which is a big upside to the product.

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Some of its best features are already listed above, namely the amazing durability and the impressive price. I researched the price compared to other products and its price group is 3/10, which can be a drawback, since some customers view the price as a measurement for quality. It has 6GB of internal memory, which, personally, is enough for me since I do not use that many apps and prefer using my PC for storing important information. However, it does have a slot for a microSD card if needed. It is not a very impressive product, but I personally like it because I got used to all of its quirks and it was purposeful when I needed it.


On the other hand, there is a lot of room for improvement. While the primary camera is of a decent quality (5 MP), by my standards, the secondary camera is only 2 MP. So I wouldn’t recommend the product to people who are into taking selfies. I have already mentioned two of the worst features – speed of performance and battery life. It can be quite straining to type out a message and it takes a long time. In my experience, when you type in a word incorrectly twice, it becomes a permanent suggestion in the autocorrect provided above. Bigger apps also perform slower. Sometimes even the GPS doesn’t work properly, since the device requires a lot of time to process, which can be a strain since I have taken a lot of wrong turns due to this problem.

Final rating : 4/10

Overall the device is of a decent quality, but not something you would use for professional purposes, like writing e-mails, managing social media, using bigger apps, etc. The durability of the battery is a big minus if you need to be easily reachable and constantly online throughout the day. If you are a person who operates with multiple social medias you wouldn’t find this model very suitable because it wouldn’t have enough space to contain all the data from various social media apps, neither can it run them properly for long periods of time. Also if you use Instagram on a daily basis, the pictures you can take will not be of the quality expected from a professional account.  On the other hand, it is a phone that I consider as a beginners’, something parents would buy for their children as their first smartphone. It doesn’t cost much and it’s not easily damaged, so it wouldn’t have to be replaced every other month if the child in question is more irresponsible than usual. I do not have any particular feelings towards the product. It serves purpose to me, but I wouldn’t mind replacing it either. It is practical, but not distinguishable in any way.

by D. Yordanova

by D. Yordanova

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus / I9060I (White)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

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