Samsung Galaxy j3 :User Review

by Dijana Milunovic

Samsuhg J3


Several months ago I decided to finally replace my old phone because its “Home ” button stopped working completely and that was the last straw. I was offered “Samsung Galaxy J3” and I bought it without thinking .I have had a “Samsung ” phone before and I was very happy with it .I always preferred Android phones over I Phones because I thought they were easier to handle and they were more compatible with Serbian market and customers  .I haven't regretted my decision for a second because although this is not the latest model ,this phone has a reasonable price and it can meet any need or expectation of an average user.

Battery life and charging

“Samsung Galaxy J3” has a surprisingly long battery life, even for a relatively new device .Battery can last for days if you use it moderately but since I 'm addicted to social media sometimes Facebook Viber and Messenger can be open at the same time while I'm reading the news .I also have to mention that I do all my e-mail communication via phone now  because its easier and faster since you can do it on the go .I manage to do  all of this without completely emptying phone battery .Even when it is almost empty (you will start getting notification to warn you to charge the phone ) it can hold on for couple of hours if you use it wisely ,only for short messages for example .There is also a great  system app “Smart Manager ” where you can find important information about battery duration ,free storage space,memory space ,and antivirus protection .All in all battery can last for a very long time and it doesn't take long to charge it .

Performance and design

As far as design is concerned  “Samsung” seems to hold on to the old saying –“You should not change the winning team ” since the “J3” model resembles the older models from “S” generation ,but I don't mind it at all .It has an elegant shape with big wide screen which is my favourite .The image on it is sharp and clear under any angle . Home button is at the bottom ,in the center with the “Multitasking button on its left and the “Back ” button on the right .”On /off” button is at the top on the right and on the left is the button for sound  regulation .It is pretty simple to handle yet it looks very elegant at the same time .One of the shortcomings however is that there is not an automatic adjustment of the screen lighting so you have to do it manually by sliding down the “fast adjustments “menu .But there is one cool option for lighting  when you are outside ,which is very useful on a sunny day ,for example .The “J3 ” model is designed to be simple to handle and efficient to use .There are two shortcuts at the bottom of  the locked screen ;one for the calls -on the left and the other for the camera -on the right .The camera is really good in my opinion .The pictures and videos are clear and sharp and you have many options for editing . I am very pleased by “Samsung galaxy J3”performance .It offers numerous updates of its features on daily basis and if you accept them they will not take forever to complete and they will not slow down your phone ,but they will certainly optimize your user experience .You can browse the Internet either via Samsung Browser or Google Chrome and in both cases the service is excellent .I mostly use Google Chrome and I am very pleased with it .It accesses wanted pages fast an without any errors .You can also sync in all your favorite pages from your other devices e.g. your computer ,tablet etc..There is one thing that can be annoying though and that is the sensitivity of the touch screen .It is maybe oversensitive so if you are not careful enough it can navigate you to some place you never wanted to be .

Strength and durability

As I have already said I bought this phone several months ago so it hasn't gone through any major disaster so far even though I am clumsy .It fell off the table once but I didn't notice any changes ,it worked normally as if nothing happened .I protected it with a silicone mask to prevent possible scratches and inevitable dirt since it is white  .

Best features

I have already mentioned all of them in the text ,so I am just going to list them again here:

Worst features

Overall review

I can say that I am a happy owner of the “Samsung Galaxy J3” phone . I think it is perfect for people like me who like to keep things simple .It is simple to handle it and use it but on the other hand it offers numerous features that can help you finish an important job on the go without wasting much time .If you are addicted to social networks -like I am – surfing the Internet with “J3” will be an exciting experience .There are some shortcomings too of course but they simply can not ruin a very positive impression about this phone .I think that people from Samsung really took their time and listened to  the needs of  an average phone user when they made this phone .If you decide to buy it- “Samsung Galaxy J3 ” will be your reliable coworker and an interesting and fun companion.

Overall rating 8/10