Samsung Galaxy J5: User review

by Andrea Lump


I got the Samsung galaxy J5 thanks to the renovation of my service plan with AT&T. I've had it for over a year now and, like all smartphones, it’s getting old. I chose it because it was the better option available: very affordable, great size and it came in white. I ended happy with my brand new smartphone; I liked the 13Mp and 5 Mp cameras (rear and front). It's a great choice for a small pocket and if you just want it for social networking, taking good selfies or photos during a trip or downloading your favorite apps, it will work perfectly. j5 camera


Everybody needs a cell phone that its battery charges in one minute and lasts for seven days. Unfortunately, it hasn't been invented… yet. The battery of the Samsung galaxy J5 is like any other Samsung battery on the market: if you give it a continuous use, it will not last more than five hours. On the other way, if you do not use it for anything other than the occasional whatsapp message, it could last two or maybe three days in its first months after purchasing it. You have to let it charge for two to three hours to get the battery working full: pretty standard.


I love the design: it’s slim, it doesn’t look cheap at all (something Samsung is very good at), you can keep it in the bag of your pants, in your purse and it doesn’t going to weigh. On the other hand, the phone can become hot and it may slow down if you do not insert an SD card to it: the Samsung galaxy J5 only comes with an internal storage of 8 GB! It gets full very fast. SGJ5


In my experience, this device has a good endurance. It had support a lot of falls and it still works normal after all of that. Like a lot of smartphones, if you give it a wrong treatment, it will, of course, break down. But we can't avoid that kind of accidents, especially if we carry it with us all the time. I must say that its strength and durability are standard ones: it will resist the time that can resist, no more or less. You have to know that it can look a little wasted after a time, and that's a thing i don't like because it seems so much older than it really is.


2 cameras j5



It’s not the perfect or the most useful Smartphone, but at least it will get you out of trouble. If you need a simple one or if you like the Samsung galaxy ones, the cost benefit ratio in this phone will not disappoint you. At the end, the camera quality is the feature that I must applaud of it: it’s exactly what you can expect from this kind of Samsung. You can love it or hate it. I will choose to love it because it suits my basic necessities perfectly. I’m not a fan of having an expensive Cell phone but obviously, I recommend that, if you have more money to spend on a better phone, buy another one with more internal storage; that may work for you. One thing that I know for sure is that I enjoy Samsung phones and this model didn’t disappoint me at all. We can find a failing in every object if we want to; in this case, I got to say that the Samsung galaxy J5 has more positive than negative attributes: that’s a plus! Overall rating: 8/10 samsung j5 picture Click here if you want to get this, or another, Samsung galaxy!