Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: User Review

by Leah Ngechu

I use the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. I got it in the navy-blue color about a year ago at a Samsung outlet in Nairobi, Kenya retailing for $25. I chose this phone because I wanted a smartphone with enhanced functionality and a sleek design that is at an affordable price. The smartphone has a smooth feel with a metal finish at the back. It has a large rectangular display with curved edges. The phone has a button fingerprint sensor which can be used to unlock the display. It also has a dual SIM option. After using the J7 prime for almost a year now here is my review.    


I use this smartphone to make and receive calls in addition to sending and receiving text messages. It does this quite efficiently as the audio is clear. Accessing information over the internet is simple as it comes with installed search engines like Google and Opera which makes the connectivity easier. I also use the J7 Prime to take pictures and videos through the primary and secondary cameras of the smartphone. Both cameras have clear image quality. I listen to music frequently through the external speaker which is loud and clear. I also use this phone to mirror onto my LED TV through the smart connect function which is quite amazing.

Best Features

1. Design

The smartphone has a sleek design with a large display and a metallic finish at the back. The edges are curved which increases the grip of the phone. The home button is at the bottom center of the display which has a finger print sensor and is easy to reach. There is zero protrusion of the back camera which gives it an ultra slim design. It comes in a variety of colors depending on the region including but not limited to, blush pink, navy blue, white and black.

2. Camera

The main camera has a 13MP resolution that captures vivid images and videos. This primary camera has auto-focus which is useful when capturing subjects in motion. It also has a flash which comes in handy in low light. Its wide selfie function together with its 8MP front camera lets you fit more people in group shots and capture beautiful scenery as it was meant to be seen. You can even use your palm to take photos with ease as the volume down button also serves as the capture button.


The phone has a 5.5-inch display which has a high resolution and makes the phone vibrant. The large display is great when viewing images or videos on the phone.


The phone has an internal memory of 16GB and an expandable memory of up to 256GB. I find it important for a phone to have an expandable memory as you can increase the space that can accommodate large media and different applications.

5. Network

This phone has a dual SIM which can connect up to 4G. This makes it easy to connect to faster networks and gives you the opportunity to have dual network service providers.


This device can connect to Bluetooth and WI-FI. It also has a GPS connection which is important in finding locations and filtering online content. I personally love the smart connect feature which enables me to mirror the phone screen to my LED TV.


The J7 Prime has a non-removable battery of 3300 mAh. Personally, from using the phone for over a year now, this phone battery lasts when it has been fully charged. I love the battery life as I can use my phone all day running my daily activities. The phone came with a fast charger which is quick in charging the phone.


The Galaxy J7 Prime has an Octa-Core processor which is relatively fast at 1.6GHz, higher than other smartphones in the same price range. Enhanced RAM and ROM support allows for smoother UI transitions and greater multitasking abilities. Smart Manager does the thinking for you by checking and optimizing handset status, keeping you one step ahead. The Galaxy J7 Prime has split-screen mode which makes it easy to use dual applications which have the same functionality simultaneously. This is convenient when trying to link two applications at the simultaneously.

Worst Features


The smooth metal finish covering the back of the phone makes it slippery to hold. This metal finish is also easily susceptible to dents. The SIM and SD card slots are fragile and can easily be bent when inserted the wrong way. The charging port, a crucial feature, can also easily be dented when plugged in incorrectly. The location of the microphone makes it easily be covered when making a phone call or recording audios. The display glass and the smooth metal back makes the phone smudge easily with fingerprints. In addition, the finger sensitive front button loses sensitivity over time and can take a while to unlock the display. The battery is non-removable which makes it hard and costly to replace when the battery usage time decreases.


The camera is less sensitive in low light making the photos and videos captured grainy and low quality.


The phone loses its processing speed when the memory is almost full which makes some phone applications freeze while trying to use them. The phone can overheat after being used for some time or when charging because of the metal finish at the back where the battery is.


In my honest opinion, the Galaxy J7 Prime is a great device. Firstly, it is quite affordable and secondly it has most of the functionality of a higher priced smartphone. It has an elegant look with a high functionality. It is efficient in performing office tasks while using applications such as Microsoft packages that include Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Both the front and back cameras capture high quality images which is useful when trying to capture a moment. The battery life comes in handy when you need the phone to operate for hours with no access to a charger.