Samsung Galaxy M30 : User Review

by Manas Patil

I had been using a Samsung tab for 4 years and I needed a change. So with the help of my dad, I got myself a Samsung Galaxy M30 through Amazon with the price tag of Rs. 14 990. My requirements were not so much: I needed a phone which was fast, has a lot of space and a modest camera. My budget was to be around Rs. 15000 The Galaxy M30 however, went way above my expectations. So let’s take a quick peek at its performance.


  Samsung Galaxy m30, like most of the phones emerging, has the notch for the camera. This is pretty beautiful if you ask me, thus it also gets the screen at 6.4 inches. This phone, which is squeezed in by the company between Galaxy M30 and Galaxy A30, competes with Redmi Note 7 pro which is available at Rs. 14000 and a 48 mp rear camera! I wanted to go for Note 7 pro but due to some reasons, I chose Galaxy M30. Moreover, I have been using Samsung for a long time now and I trust it. The standard Galaxy M30 comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage and extendable to 512 GB storage. There’s also an option for 6+128 GB which costs around Rs.16000.

Top Features

It has 3 cameras on the rear that is 13+5+5 (5MP depth sensor and the other 5MP wide angle). The front camera is 16 MP. It is provided with a fast charger for the powerful 5000mAH battery. Though the Note 7 pro and Galaxy m30 are similar in sizes, due to thinner bezels of the Galaxy M30, it possesses a 6.4-inch screen whereas the Note 7 pro’s screen is of 6.3 inches. The screen is AMOLED which gives a much better viewer’s experience. The sleek body is made of plastic like most Samsung phones and this one has a glossy finish. The colors available are red, blue and black and the most trending one right now is the blue (I got black).


Just like every other product, this has its cons too. The latest android version now is Pie (9). But Galaxy M30 is launched with Android version 8.1 which should be updated by the user. Speaking of the body again: Please get a back cover if you buy this because the glossy plastic is very slippery! Then we have the face recognition lock feature. It’s pretty cool to get this feature from Samsung at this price… but it can still be faster- a lot faster. Compared Redmi Note 7 pro, face recognition is much slower.


Let’s quickly go look at the features again: -4GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage / 6GB RAM with 128 GB internal -Face recognition and biometric lock -6.4 inches screen with notch camera -Android version 8.1 (upgradable to 9) -Glossy plastic… slippery body -5000mAH battery and fast charging -Lightweight -13+5+5 rear camera (Wide angle 5MP and depth sensor 5MP) and 16 MP front camera.


Given that it fits in all my requirements and I’m glad I have it, I’ll give it a rating of 9/10.