Samsung Galaxy S10 : Owners Review

by PieterM

As a full-time writer technology is quite important to me. I need access to my e-mail and working platforms 24/7 and for this reason, I chose the Samsung Galaxy S10+ as my smartphone of choice. I have been using Samsung's range of mobile phones for quite some time, my very first acquisition was a Galaxy S6 and I have been coming back for more ever since. Here is my take on the latest incarnation in the Galaxy line-up. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ represents Samsung’s latest and greatest addition to the Galaxy product range. Although there is no question that it is the latest model, is it really the greatest? The previous generation Galaxy smartphone was already pretty impressive which made improving it quite a challenge but Samsung managed to do just that. Let’s take a closer look at the Galaxy S10 Plus dual sim model.

The Design

The Galaxy is well-designed and feels premium to the touch. The wide and ultra-sharp screen is easy to read and has a brilliant ceramic black design that makes the product look premium. One exception to the sleek look is the rather crude cutouts that feature in the corner of the screen. Whilst they are necessary for the cameras to do their magic, they, unfortunately, break up an otherwise perfectly designed flow. Luckily Samsung has provided a way to hide the cutouts for those who prefer a solid black bezel. The phone is quite bulky which can necessitate shifting between hands in order to reach all the buttons and functions. While this can be a bit irritating at times, the beauty of the large screen more than makes up for this minor inconvenience and Samsung has included a one-handed mode that makes it easier to use the phone with just one hand. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in a variety of colours, which includes blue, black, green and a special canary yellow model for the S10e range. For the S10+ variants, two ceramic back panels are available in either white or black. The ceramic does an excellent job at hiding everyday nicks and bumps and is a great choice for users who are prone to dropping or scratching their devices but it does come at an extra cost. I would highly recommend wrapping your S10 up in a protective cover of some sort to offer additional protection against everyday life.

Ease Of Use

The S10 range builds on the familiar Samsung Galaxy and Android interfaces and comes with all the important functions that you would expect for a top of the range smart device. Most of the look and feel of the Galaxy S9 was transferred to the new incarnation, much to my delight. The edge to edge curved screen is a real stunner but beware that you can unintentionally press buttons, especially on the edges of the screen. As is the case with most smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a fingerprint reader, but it doesn’t just have any fingerprint reader, it has an ultrasonic one. The screen can actually create a 3D map of your fingertip and use that to unlock your phone- not only is it more secure, it is also more accurate and I found that it unlocked the phone correctly most of the time.

The Cameras

The star feature of this phone has to be its cameras. The S10 plus comes with two ultra-wide angle lenses that shoot excellent panoramic shots and even lets you apply special effects as you shoot. There are several shooting modes to choose from, each optimised for a different type of photograph but leaving the camera in auto mode to make the decisions work perfectly well for most situations. The S10 is an ideal phone for people who actively use the camera function on their phone, while it also offers more business-like features that make it a good phone for a CEO or busy manager, it is really the influencers and photographers who will appreciate the phone most. Just in case you were wondering, you can get the S10 in a wide range of memory sizes to store all those photos that you will be taking! Sizes start from 128 gigabytes and go up to a whopping terabyte on the S10 plus. In addition to this, you can add more memory via the trusty old SD card slot.

The Performance

Samsung’s newest Galaxy model is quite fast, most of the time. I have noticed that the phone can lag or become sluggish at times, especially right after an update, luckily this doesn’t stick around and the device gets back up to normal speed pretty fast. The processor and ram capacities are more than enough to manage just about anything that you would be using the phone for, but this comes at the cost of a reduced battery life. Although the battery life is in-line with most of the devices with similar specs to that of the S10, it would have been nice to go a bit longer between charges. It is possible to keep a battery pack handy to bridge the gap on intercontinental flights or other journeys, but bear in mind that the phone comes with a pretty large battery and you would need a large battery pack to re-charge more than once. The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with powerful networking gear which results in fast and reliable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connections. Mobile network signal reception is also quite good in most areas and the phone is full 5G capable which means access to high-speed mobile internet is possible. Unfortunately not too many areas offer 5G access as yet so you may only be able to use the feature in certain areas but it is definitely nice to know that you have it!

Build Quality

The Galaxy S10 has a premium look and feel and most of the materials used in the phone feels very solid. I would, however, recommend getting a sleeve and screen protector to keep the phone protected from accidental drops and such since replacement parts can be costly. Overall the phone is definitely made to withstand everyday use and it does so in style.

In Summary

The Galaxy S10 continues to improve on the previous models in the Galaxy series without changing the success recipe that makes the phones so unique and popular. My overall score for the Galaxy S10 Plus is a solid 8 out of 10.