Samsung Galaxy S3: User Review

by Stefan Medovarski



Samsung Galaxy S3 is an old phone. It was released in 2012 but it stayed quite popular despite its age. I managed to get this phone in 2014 for my 18th birthday. See, other phones were too expensive for me so I had to get what I was able to with the amount of money I had. I checked online for some cheaper phones and I came across the S3. I knew about this phone prior to my online search but I didn’t know the specifications. The specs and price were pretty inviting so I contacted my friend who specializes in smartphone sales and bought the phone. I’ve had it ever since.   uk_GT-I9300MBDBTU_001_blue_teal  

Battery Life & Charging

It might be a bit redundant to write about my phone’s battery life considering its 2 years old and it’s not even close to how it was when I first got it but it’s still an important aspect. Anyway, when I got the phone I thought it was great. The phone was quick to charge and the battery lasted fairly long. This was great because I don’t stay at home too much (I’m constantly somewhere). However, two years have passed since then and the battery life is bad right now. The battery drains in around 3-5 hours of constant use and it takes a fair amount of time to charge. My charger is also terrible (I have no idea what happened to it) and it doesn’t even charge sometimes. However, I’m still happy with it!  

Performance & Design

Honestly? This is one of the best phones I’ve had the privilege to hold and use. It fits nicely in my palm and it isn’t too heavy. I particularly like the round edges because it feels like I’m holding an actual phone and not a brick. Unfortunately, performance has dropped a lot since I got it first and it lags like crazy. Sometimes, applications crash as well. It does get hot after using some intense apps for a prolonged period of time. Of course, the phone was great at the start but given its age, it’s no surprise that it’s worse than what it was before.  

Strength & Durability

I uh, made a mistake last year and it cost me half the price of the phone’s original price. I was taking a bath and using my phone at the same time (I like to fill up my bathtub with hot water and relax). You can guess how this ended up. The repairs cost around 100 euros because I was silly enough to check if everything works while it was still wet. Of course, I managed to short-circuit everything, hence the need for repairs. On the other hand, it’s surprisingly durable in terms of physical damage. I’ve dropped it numerous times and there are only a few scratches. This might be due to the fact that I use a rubber mask which prevents damage to a certain degree. I’m too afraid to test it without the rubber mask so I have no idea how it fares without it!  

Best Features

Best features… Hm… I’d say that the design of the phone is amazing because it feels so natural in your hand. It’s also not extreme in terms of design choices such as rough edges, weird shape, etc. The performance was very good when I got it and it was definitely one of the best smartphones of 2012. Samsung really outdid themselves with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The camera is also an amazing part of this phone. I’ve never had any issues with the photo quality. The memory is completely fine for me because I don’t use a lot of internal memory. There’s also a slot for a memory card. I usually place music and photos on the memory card, while the internal memory is used for applications.  

Worst Features

I absolutely hate the fact that I can’t update past Android v4.3. I mean, I don’t blame Samsung for that choice considering that it is an old phone, but it’s so frustrating. Also, the pre-installed apps that come with the phone are annoying and unnecessary; I haven’t found myself using more than one or two. They simply take up memory which could be spent elsewhere. I can’t really place performance into this category because a performance drop is attributed to the phone’s age, but it’s something that’s driving me crazy all the time. The speaker is pretty loud but I don’t feel like the sound is that good. All in all, there are a few things that I don’t like but it’s mostly due to the phone’s age.  

Overall review

In 2012, I would give this smartphone a very high score because it definitely was in the category of best smartphones of the year. However, today it’s mostly obsolete and not worth buying. Other, more advanced phones are a much better choice. There are phones that cost a bit more than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and are much better. There are phones which you can get for cheaper that get the job done. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is in an awkward position right now. If you want a very cheap phone, you most likely want to get a phone that you can use to send messages and call people without all the other features that smartphones bring. On the other hand, if you want a great smartphone, you’re going to spend more money. It’s basically in the middle and people don’t generally opt for it. However, this phone has grown on me and I can’t imagine myself without it. It’s weird. I have a love-hate relationship with my phone. I can’t get rid of it but I also don’t want it anymore. In the end, it’s a nice all-around phone that isn’t expensive and gets the job done. So I come to my conclusion: If you’re looking for a great smartphone – don’t buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 – there are better options. If you’re looking for a phone that you need only for messaging and calling – don’t buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 – there are better options. If you want a reliable phone which is average and doesn’t cost much – the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a perfect choice.   My final verdict is: If it were 2012 – 9/10 But it’s not 2012 so my final score is – 6.5/10