Samsung Galaxy S6 – Still Great Technology? Personal User Review

by Dāvis Kušķis


Samsung has always been one of the most popular choices in the smartphone market. Especially for Android users, the option to purchase a phone from the Samsung Galaxy S series should be considered. The Galaxy S6 series has been available in the market for a while now. Should you even consider a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone for purchase in 2018? Is the difference between S6 and S7, S8 series significant? In this review I will try to answer these questions based on six main criteria – Design, Price to Performance, Features and Drawbacks, Camera, Battery Life & Charging, and Durability.


In my opinion, the Galaxy S6 series was the start of the luxurious Samsung smartphone design. The phone feels expensive and the appearance of the phone still matches the 2018 expectations for an everyday smartphone user. The phone is crafted with glass from both sides, which definitely adds the luxurious feel when the phone is being used. With the 5.1-inch display, the smartphone could be considered as average sized. Nevertheless, if you are personally used to having a smaller display for your smartphone – any upgrade to a larger display might take time to get used to. The “Edge” version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 adds an extra aspect of the luxurious feel. As for the S6 series, the difference for S6 and S6 Edge is seen only by its curvy sides. If you are willing to have the features over the design and after holding the phone in your hands in the local stores you find that the curvature is not what you are looking for – stick with the standard version.

Price to Performance

Without any doubt, price to performance aspect will be one of the main deal breakers for any customer – especially in the smartphone or any technology industry. Nowadays you have so many options and it might be hard to make up your mind from the available variations of smartphones. Many have considered the S5 model to have quite a bad price to performance ratio, however, while Samsung Galaxy S6 holds the title of the best Android smartphone of 2015, in my opinion, it is still performing great in the start of 2018. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S6 model is currently cheaper than the newest S series models, however, are the features you are obtaining with the upgrade to S7 or S8 really worth the price? The answer to this question really depends on your personal needs. By definition, the newest model is usually always overpriced and significantly drops in price whenever a new model comes out, thus I personally find S8 currently not worth overpaying. While comparing the Samsung Galaxy S6 to Samsung Galaxy S7, there are a few differences that might impact your personal price to performance rating for the phone. In the further sections, some main differences will be addressed, these differences can be used as performance indicators while defining our own price to performance ratio.

Features and Drawbacks

Apart from the attractive design, S6 does have many more features that anyone could find helpful. The display resolution of the phone is 1440×2560 pixels. For a 5,1-inch screen that is enough for even the newest phones available in the market. This resolution provides a qualitative picture or video and you should not be disappointed with this aspect of the phone. Another great feature that I would like to emphasize would be the fast camera launch. Any moment you can use the fast camera launch option for a high-quality picture or a video. The phone also has the fast charging feature, which helps you to charge your phone much faster than you could. Even though “power bank” could be the solution for forgetting to charge up your phone, this feature of fast charging could still be useful in a variety of situations. For Edge model, there is a unique feature called Edge clock, which helps you to check the time without picking up your phone. However, there would be two main drawbacks of this phone that I would emphasize for you to consider if you are interested in this phone. Firstly, the phone does not have a memory card space. The memory which you choose when you are purchasing the phone will be the memory that you will be stuck with. Even though I personally think that that the memory of 64 GB or 128 GB is more than enough for the usage of this phone, some might disagree. Another drawback for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that the battery is not removable. Both of these drawbacks might seem insignificant for some of us, however, some may find it as a complete deal breaker.


The 16 Megapixel back and 5 Megapixel front camera takes great photos with great lighting and focus. The camera can instantly capture a photo without any delay. It is still considered as one of top quality phone cameras, the colors are reasonably accurate and the focus of the camera is very fast. Even though that the picture quality, focus time, colors, and lighting might seem brilliant, I would like to emphasize that the camera is a bit squeezed out of the phone, thus it should be handled with care. A great phone case might solve this issue, however, that would take away the expensive handy feel of the phone.

Battery Life & Charging

While I personally haven’t had any major problems with the battery life during my two years of using the phone, I find that the battery life is not excellent for Galaxy S6. The battery capacity is 2550 mAh which is quite average. I found myself charging the phone once per two days, sometimes once per day, however, if it has been charged in the morning I have never had any problems using the phone whenever necessary during the day. The fast charging is really a nice feature that gives an extra margin of error if somehow you have forgotten to charge the smartphone. The S7 and S8 models would definitely beat the Galaxy S6 in terms of battery life.


During the two years of using the phone, I have shattered the screen on accident once. The repairing of the screen is quite expensive and you do have to take in mind that the back glass of the phone will not be as durable as a typical plastic or metallic versions of smartphone backs. I would definitely recommend a smartphone case together with this phone since it would also solve the issue with the camera which is squeezing out of the phone. There are a lot of durability tests available on the internet and when I first considered the possibility of obtaining this phone I took them into account and I was definitely not disappointed. The glass holds up well regarding small drops on sidewalks and even though it does not present itself as a fully waterproof phone – it does well in water tests!

Overall conclusions

As for my recommendation, I would definitely recommend the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone as one of the best mid-priced phones available on the market currently. Even though it is two models behind the newest possible Samsung S series, it still performs well and the design of the phone is still brilliant and quite similar to the S7 model. The Edge version could be very interesting if you are willing to try something completely new, however, consider that you might be paying a different price only for the change of the side curves. I find the upgrades to S7 and S8 models not price worthy and the S6 model still holds its ground as a good purchase.