Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Owner Review

by Rahil

I got Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a few months ago and I’ve got to say, it’s one of the best mobile device I’ve had so far. I don’t have much use of phones apart from attending calls , texting and reading eBooks, but with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge I started developing habits I did not previously have like playing games, writing notes, and surfing the internet regularly. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the countless features it has to offer.  

Screen Display and Features

My previous phones screen size wasn’t as large as I would’ve liked but Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s screen is like it was made especially for me. Not too large so as not to even fit my pocket but not too small that I can’t enjoy a full view of the book I’m reading. It’s 5.5 inch screen is ample enough for me to enjoy everything I do whether it’s watching a movie, reading a book or just playing games to pass the time. It’s distinct curved edge, apart from looking outstandingly cool, makes the screen seem bigger. The Edge Panel feature is convenient, my favorite apps and contacts are all just a swipe away ! Speaking of swiping, I abhor pressing the home button and the power button to take a screenshot, I almost always don’t press it at the same time and the phone locks or I go back to the home panel, I’m sure we’ve all been there, but in Samsung S7 Edge I can just take a screenshot by swiping the edge of my palm across the screen. Samsung S7 Edge’s security is great with it’s fingerprint lock and PIN and whatnot however the fingerprint scanner sometimes doesn’t unlock it on the first try and it takes a couple of tries to unlock it.

Processing And Camera

I don’t know much about quad core and octa core and all, but I will say this that Samsung S7 Edge is the smoothest running phone I’ve had. Almost no delay in opening apps and it’s 4gb RAM is more than enough to download all the applications I will ever need without compromising processing speed. Photography has never been a hobby of mine and don’t really like to take selfies howvere I do sometimes take pictures of a beautiful sunset or just any spectacular view I come across and I can’t deny that Samsung S7 Edge’s camera quality is insane!! It’s 12 megapixel camera results in surreal picture quality, plus there are a plethora of different modes I can use when taking a picture.

Weighty and Unbreakable

I never sought out lightweight phones as they felt very fragile and like they would break into pieces if I clutched them too hard. The hefty weight of Samsung S7 Edge comforts me and it seems very sturdy as if a fall wouldn’t even produce a scratch on it ( though I haven’t dropped it. Yet.) Nevertheless, its gorilla screen assuages me that the screen won’t break even if I dropped it accidently. I really enjoy Samsung S7 Edge’s touch adaptive screen and the way my fingers glide smoothly across it and the way it responds to the faintest brush of finger across the screen soothes me.

Gamers Unite !

As I said I’m not much of a mobile gamer but I have experienced the irritating moment when you’re playing a game and a notification pops up and you accidently press it and leave the game. The gaming features in Samsung S7 Edge conveniently prevents notifications to opo up while playing. Though there are some notifications that are more important than the game, so I can just customize it so that the necessary notifications cone through and I can respond. I’ve heard that The Samsung S7 Edge is a gamer phone and I have to agree. All games no matter how large a size they are , run smoothly and without lag and that really lets me enjoy gaming on it. Furthermore, the Game Launcher lets me optimize the performance to better suit whether I need fast performance and decent graphics or, if my battery is low, whether I need a battery efficient experience of the game.

30 Minutes VS All Day Usage

Charging and battery life. While using this phone I’ve never had to charge it outside after I’ve fully charged it at home, and that’s saying something because I read books on it A LOT. So the battery life is decent, but what I most find convenient is the fast charging when using Samsung’s original chargers. It charges the phone in half the time than if I charged it with another charger! This is great because I sometimes forget to charge it and if I have to urgently go somewhere I can just charge for half an hour and use it all day. I won’t be able to read as much though, but you can’t have everything.

Convenient Apps = Less Stressful Life

There are many built in Samsung apps on it but I don’t really have much use of them. Nevertheless I can still see that, to a person who actually uses them, they are very convenient. Like the Samsung Pay, if I forget my card at home I can just use the app. We can forget your card at home but never our phones. Another helpful app is the Samsung Health app, if you’re a health conscious person that is, because the app records the steps I take, my heartbeat, and most importantly the amount of water I’ve been drinking. A lot of people keep a close eye on the amount of calories they intake so as to maintain their diet, this app then would be perfect as it records the amount of calories I’ve eaten in a day too.

A Helping Hand

I’ve always found it annoying when one of my hands is full and the other is holding the phone and my thumb just can’t seem to reach the upper corner of the screen. Well the One Handed feature in Samsung S7 Edge is really convenient in this regard as it shrinks the screen display to such a size where I can easily reach it with my thumb. Overall I absolutely love this phone and after reviewing and using it myself I would not hesitate to recommend it to friends and family if they are looking for a new phone to buy. I would gladly give this phone a 9/10 rating.