Samsung Galaxy Tab E: Owner Review

by Arika Agnew

As a freelance writer and travel blogger, purchasing a tablet to write and use while on the go was essential. When it comes to purchasing technology I make sure to do my research to try and purchase the best option for myself. After hours of research and weighing out my options, I made the choice to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab E and I am extremely happy I did for the following reasons.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is a great compact size. The tablet fits right in my purse or carry on making it my go-to way to write while traveling. The Galaxy Tab E may be compact, but the 9.6- inch screen allows me to watch Netflix in my downtime and surf the web comfortably when I need to do any research for my writing or blogging.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab E weighs only 1.2 pounds. This lightweight tablet is perfect to take anywhere. The Galaxy Tab E does not weigh down my purse or luggage during transport. This is essential because I have to take the tablet with me pretty much everywhere. The weight of the tablet is much lighter than any laptop, making it much more portable.


Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E has long battery life. Writing while traveling requires me to run multiple applications at once while connecting to my keyboard case via Bluetooth. Knowing my work would put a lot of strain on a battery, I was worried a tablet would not be able to keep up. With the Galaxy Tab E, I don’t have to worry about running down my battery quickly while working. The tablet also charges very quickly so I do not have to go without it very long if it runs out of battery.


When deciding what tablet to purchase, storage space was a very important factor. I knew the tablet I purchased would be used for personal and work so it would require many applications and a lot of storage space. The Galaxy Tab E comes with 16gb of internal storage space. There is also an option to add a micro sd card that can extend the memory up to 128gb. This is plenty of storage space for my writing and pictures.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab E has great speed and response time. My work requires me to run multiple applications and internet tabs while typing in Word. The tablet does not slow down even a little bit. The Galaxy Tab E also responds quickly when browsing the internet and switching between multiple applications. The overall performance of the tablet is perfect for the requirements of my work and for my personal use as well.


Overall I would rate the Samsung Galaxy Tab E a 9/10. This tablet is perfect for my work as a travel blogger and freelance writer. I can fit the Galaxy Tab E comfortably in my purse due to its small size and weight and carry it to write and work on the go. I believe I will be able to rate the Samsung Galaxy Tab E a perfect score if it stands up to the test of time and continues to perform really well.