Samsung GT S5610 : Review

by Oli


The GT S5610 model from Samsung is a type bar phone. That means you can't open it, slide it or anything like that. You use it as it is. I got mine from a local store about 2 and a half years ago. I was looking for a simple, classic phone that would cover most of my necessities at that time, which were: Battery, memory card options, internet browser, and music player. I researched a lot before I decided to buy it, out of countless of models out there and hours spent online reading reviews, I chose this one. It managed to not only fulfill my expectations in terms of performance and price – but exceed them.


Since battery life was one of my primary necessities, and I was not disappointed it’s needless to say that it does an outstanding job lasting 2 whole days of normal use. Although it would last more, as I remember when I was using this phone actively I would charge it once in 4-5 days, but then I wasn’t such an active user, the phone’s only purpose being checking my Facebook and making calls. It takes an hour to fully charge the battery, give or take. This is very convenient as I like to listen to music and I would fall asleep with the music turned on, the best part? When I woke up (approx. 10 hours later) the phone would have 40-60% battery, that leaves me thinking that it can definitely last a whole day of active use, and can be quickly charged if in need.
Samsung GT S5610, review.

Samsung GT S5610.


I’ve got no complaints about its performance. It’s working as fast as it can, and relatively smooth. The only thing I could mention is that most of the network related apps don’t work. I’m talking about twitter, e-mail, IM. Now this is most probably something about this specific device, because the third day after buying it I went to the store with this complaint, and they re-directed me to the official Samsung service center, they said they have to test it, but it would take weeks to return it and I needed the phone for making calls, so I refused and never went back, therefore there’s a big chance everything would’ve worked fine, could be even something about the network settings, but frankly I never used those apps so I didn’t need them.


This phone is winning at durability with no doubt. I dropped it countless of times especially when I sit by the table and it falls from my pocket. The biggest fall I can remember is when I dropped it from the third floor of an old building and it fell directly on concrete! Needless to say, it had no issues at all, except maybe for the countless scratches it has. I don’t have a picture in a better quality of it but surely you can see the scratches. Its durability comes from its very hard metal casing which is a plus factor when buying a phone, despite the metal, the phone only, weighs 91 grams. Samsung GT S5610 Review

Best Features

Some of its best features are the battery life, camera, and the microSD capacity. I’ve never thought it’s possible to use a phone all day long and still have battery life, but it is. The GT S5610 does it, and I am very satisfied. Now I am primarily using a smartphone, but I have two SIM-cards from different network companies so I use a SIM with this phone, just to make calls, I set the brightness at lowest since I don’t need it, and the cool thing? I charge my phone once in 10-13 days. Moving on to the camera, shortly it’s amazing. What I like in a picture is the resolution, and the quality of the image itself, sure, it may not be the best camera for color reproduction, but it definitely covers any bar phone user’s needs. You can choose in which quality to use the camera, in example 3, or 5 MP, so it’s convenient if you want your images in a lower resolution and to take up less space. It supports memory cards of up to 16 GB, at least on the paper, because honestly, I’ve inserted a 32 GB memory card and it worked fine! So it’s much better than promised. Other great features I can name are the good speaker, the on-screen menu for shortcuts to apps, it has an image editor and a backup manager to save your contacts or messages. Samsung GT S5610 Review

Worst features

It’s a great phone, but it’s not perfect. For starters, the file manager won’t show more than 3000 files on the memory card. That is, once you have 3000 files on it, you can’t save new pictures, audio recordings or Bluetooth files on it and every time you open the memory card you are being notified of this limit. Another downside is that it has only 108 MB of internal storage, once you fill that up and have 3000 files indifferent of the size of them, you technically can’t save anything on your phone. Also, without internal memory I found that I can’t have too many saved messages, so I found myself forced to delete some older messages as I couldn’t read the new ones. The only solution I found was to connect from a computer and hide some files I wasn’t using. So I can have more than 3000 files on the memory card, but the file manager can’t display all of them. Another downside is the powerful LED flash, it’s too powerful and in the dark when taking a selfie my face can’t be seen almost at all even if I keep the phone as far as possible in my hand, it would only be of actual use if pictures are taken from a longer distance like at least 2 meters or so. Another minus is that the paint of the joysticks and camera buttons wears off, so in a little over a year the joysticks started to look really bad, the camera button paint is half worn off, but generally, the phone still looks as classic as it did when I bought it. Samsung GT S5610 Joysticks paint worn of

Overall Review

When thinking about the phone from an overall point of view, there’s really not a reason why I wouldn’t buy it again. It has a battery life that would satisfy just about anyone, the camera is great for taking pictures, and although the overall colors seem just a tiny bit washed off, a little enhancing in the image editor the phone comes installed with is going to fix that for you. A little incommodity there because of the files limit on the credit card, but still, 3000 files is about enough for the average user and you can also hide some of them from a computer and still make use of the great performances it provides, additionally, it has a ton of applications that other bar type phones don’t! Apps like a good calendar with multiple features, image editor, backup manager, Memo, converter, and others, in short, it’s very suitable for both business and personal use. If in 2017 you’d like to get a classic, stylish bar type phone with a great design and an acceptable price – you surely can’t go wrong with this model! Click here to be redirected to the official website for more details and specifications. OVERALL RATING 9/10