Sony Xperia Z3+: A Comprehensive Review

by Anup Kumar Sinha

Sony Xperia Z3+ will always be a special one for me. I bought this two years ago. At that time, I was making a transition from a phablet to a smartphone. My teenage son had chosen this phone over the other alternatives, for its brilliant color and photo quality. It was a tough call for me to buy this phone with a price tag of INR 37000. But then, I never regretted that decision ever. Sony Xperia Z3+ is a superior phone than its Android and iOS alternatives. This phone has an astonishingly capable camera and a great design. The eye-catching display of colors makes this phone a better choice. It is fast, has capable performance and has good sound from stereo speakers. Beautiful transition effects at the phone’s user interface are quite pleasant to the eyes.


I use Sony Xperia Z3+ for clicking photographs and also as a daily driver. I have used the phone extensively in bright sunlight, indoors and even in low light conditions. The results have always been excellent. The phone has produced amazing videos in full HD quality. I have recorded videos on a vacation trip to the mountains. The phone adapted to the changing light conditions of mountains and object tracking worked exceptionally well. The phone’s battery lasts a full day without the use of heavy apps. Further, the phone has stamina mode for better power management. The phone handles multitasking very well. It never hangs, even while using many apps simultaneously.

Best Features

Look and Feel

Caged in a brushed metal rim with bumpers at the edges, Sony Xperia Z3+ has a clean and angular look. Glasses on the front and at the back give the phone a stunning look. Initially, the phone felt a bit slippery to hold, but then I became used to it. The metal rim has translucent rounded corners making the phone very comfortable when I hold it up to my ear. The device has a handy quick-launch camera button on the side. This quick launch button when half-pressed focusses the camera. This feature just changed the way I used to handle a phone camera. Simply fantastic! Sony Xperia Z3+ The phone has a cap-less USB port. I need not put any rubber flap over it, even in the rains. Yes, the phone is dust and water resistant. The 5.2-inch screen size makes the phone easy to hold. The touchscreen quality is superb and works amazingly well, even in wet conditions. Sony Xperia Z3+ is a lightweight, thin and sleek phone.

Specifications and Software

Powered by an Octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 2 GHz with 3GB RAM, the phone ensures a seamless user experience. It has internal storage of 32 GB. The storage can be expanded up to 128 GB through a MicroSD Card. The device runs on a 2930 mAh battery. The battery lasts a full day if you are not playing games or using heavy apps for long. The phone came with Android Lollipop software version. It has been upgraded to the latest Android version Nougat now. Sony has provided a lot of other software updates as well.


The phone has a powerful 20.7 MP camera at the rear. The camera has some amazing features including, Creative Effect, Sound Photo, Style Portrait, Sweep Panorama, Timeshift Video, Face in Picture, Multi-camera, AR Mask and Timeshift Burst. You can shoot ultra HD videos at 4K with this phone. The front camera is wide angle 5.1 MP. It gives a good selfie experience at full HD.  
Actual photograph taken by Sony Xperia Z3+ in low light conditions

This photograph was taken by Sony Xperia Z3+ in low light conditions

I quite often use the camera’s Superior Auto feature. It detects the scene quite intelligently and white balance very fast. There is a host of manual options available too. Its Triluminos engine gives vivid and rich color quality. The phone has a steady shot software for image stabilization.The phone has an IPS LCD screen capable of full HD display at 1080 P.


Sony Xperia Z3+ phone vaults above its competitors in sound quality. The two tiny speakers hidden under the phone’s hood produce rich and impressive sound. The sound is clear and crisp while playing videos or games. Many other options are available for customization, including a suite of sound enhancement features. Features like Surround Sound can be adjusted to studio, club and concert modes, giving cool sound experience.  

Ease of use

Sony has packed Xperia Z3+ with a lot of features to enhance user experience. For example, there is Glove Mode to use the touchscreen even when wearing gloves. This feature is quite useful in cold conditions. The phone is capable of multitasking without affecting the phone performance. The X-reality feature provides a crisp and clearer view of photos and videos. The adaptive brightness feature optimizes the brightness level of the screen very intelligently. The phone comes with excellent connectivity options including NFC. I have often used this phone to connect to a Sony camera through NFC. When connected through NFC, the phone can control many functions of the external camera, including releasing the shutter, stop or start recording. This seamless connectivity is useful when recording is done in a large conference hall or in a crowded place.

Worst Features


Sony Xperia Z3+ is an excellent phone for vivid and colorful photos and videos. However, the phone heats up fast when the video is shot at 4K. The use of heavy apps also heats up the phone within minutes. For moderate usage, however, the heating issue doesn’t crop up at all. Sometimes, the phone’s performance gets affected when the phone’s internal storage is full beyond 22 GB.


The phone battery needs to be more efficient in using heavy apps. I have noticed that sometimes, the phone battery drained out in less than three hours.


Sony Xperia Z3+ is an excellent buy for moderate use. The phone is quite capable of multitasking. Feature-rich camera and sound system make this phone shine out in its class. I have not noticed any major issue with the phone apart from the heating issue. The phone offers a lot of useful features for a smooth user experience. No wonder, tech experts continue to review this phone still.  For me, I intend to use this phone for at least a couple of years more.


I love this phone and would give a strong rating of 8 out of 10.