Technology in Education: Is it Good or is it Bad?

by Thomas Kissas

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Introduction: Technology in Education

Digital media nowadays are a very important and integral part of our lives. They greatly influence our social position, our relationship with other people as well as our evolution. Over the last few years, the stunning development of technology has prompted many scientists to introduce it into every day of a life of people by creating new teaching methods. We notice that more and more schools, universities and organizations are introducing technology into education, with the relationship between the teacher and the learner or the student changing, evolving and aiming for even better results.

Computers are the most important tools

From the abundance of the tools offered by educational technology, the computer occupies the most important position, the use of which is the meaning of learning various objects. The main feature of the computer is that the student can have any information at any time. Also, the computer can process large volumes of data at the same time by combining a large number of media. We can add here that students can now have access to a great deal of knowledge while collaborating with other students with the teacher’s guidance now increases significantly. The teacher has the role of coordinator and counselor and not of the person who simply conveys knowledge. More is not the one who will prepare the solution but will help the students discover it themselves. The new technologies and the computer with their entrance into education do not intend to abolish either the teacher or the books. Using technology, teachers can organize seminars, discussions, and assign tasks to students. Also, using video-conferencing, students can communicate with each other using different programs. In addition to computer labs, students are given the opportunity to reveal the secrets and the way the computer works, making learning more interesting and fun.

Benefits and Negatives of Technology in Education

Based on the above, we would say that there are many people who believe that the benefits of technology with its introduction to education are too many and very important. Instead, many maintain their reservations and believe that the web and technology can ultimately harm students and work negatively in education. For all these reasons we quote below some negatives and some positive effects of technology on education.

Benefits of Technology in education:

  • Technology makes education much more interesting by turning it into play while at the same time increasing student efficiency.
  • Technology in education opens new horizons to the students while it is an inexhaustible source of knowledge.
  • Nowadays, information technologies and communications offer significant learning facilitation based on their specific characteristics: speed, memorization, and lasting access to rich digital material
  • It brings shorter people who are long distance.
  • Gives students the opportunity to collaborate in research and search.
  • Students learn to collaborate on exchange studies and programs.
  • There are many new tools for education and training such as interactive lessons, which significantly reduce the time spend on education and training.
  • Better integration of knowledge with virtual experiments and interactive software.

Negatives of Technology in education:

  • There is always the risk of the student alienating or the teacher lose his role.
  • Communication in many cases is impersonal and students seem moderate.
  • There are cases in which the student’s sense of dependence on the machine increases, thereby reducing his/her own potential.
  • The issue of health comes into being with the use of computers since long exposure to it can cause headaches and eye problems.
  • Technologies in many cases abstain from the mental energy of students, and there is a risk that they can lead to the social isolation and loneliness.
  • There is a risk that the student will only be limited to those objects that interest him/her and remove the overall knowledge.
  • It is also possible to limit the student’s language code and to perceive perception only through visual stimuli and image.

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What we can do…

Based on the above, we would say that technology education may be dangerous in some cases but it is considered absolutely necessary for the learner to evolve. Any risks can be eliminated by properly organizing and better educating that involve. For example, there could be more and better IT laboratories in schools. The halls must be well-equipped to make it much easier for teachers to work. Teachers should be trained in all kinds of new technologies, be informed about all kinds of educational software that exists and can facilitate their lessons. So teacher training is therefore of the utmost importance. Finally, the curriculum of the school should be complete, successfully integrate new technologies, but at the same time no limit professors and leave them the freedom of creation. All the above is necessary to make the new technologies integrate with the greatest success in education and lead to the proper developments of the students and the path of development.

In conclusion is it bad or is it good?

In conclusion, we would say that no one can say for sure if the technology is good or bad. Initially, both students and teachers should recognize the risks and face them. There should be some limitations that the student may be dealing with only a few hours a day. They can also use secure passwords to prevent personal data from being violated. It is up to us to capitalize on the advantages of technology in education, avoiding the risks that can always arise with the correct instruction of the teacher. In order to improve the educational system and the students most pleasant and creative work during school hours, technology and education should walk together and complement each other. Proper exploitation of new technologies and the improvement of the quality of life is the duty of all and can only be achieved through the connection, intelligence, and responsibility of all of us and not only of students or teachers. Modern school is obligated to monitor the development of the productive forces but also the development of civilization. Thus, in the modern school, the forces that shape modern culture are entitled to place. The school itself as a fermentation, processing and application site produces standards and creates practices. After, all education is not at risk from the evolution of technology but from its own stagnation.

by Thomas Kissas

by Thomas Kissas

Thursday, February 8, 2018

I live in North Greece. We have a small computer company. I have studied informatics and businness administration. I like to write articles for blogs. I also love books, sports and travel with my girl.


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