Tecno L8 Lite: User Review

by Adegoke Similoluwa

After my dilemma with my previous android phones, I sought to enjoy the company of another product. Asking around revealed that tecno products delivered more at a reasonable price, and on the event of damage, it could be easily repaired in my locality – Ondo State, Nigeria. Thus, I opted for the Tecno L8 Lite at a store in the suburbs of Ondo state, Nigeria, for the price of #33, 000 ($90) in 2018. My experience with the new machine goes thus:


With every Android device I had used, I have been very particular about the internet and the battery life. The battery capacity was 4000mAh and could last me a day with my data connection up. The internet was also incredible and I really like how I could see the upload and download speed in the top bar and I could even manage the data by setting the time limit. But it was very poor with memory management, though it was designed with 1GB of RAM, it shuts downs the current app every time I press the home button or I am switching between apps.

tecno L8 liteBest Features


I was particularly happy with the design and its feel at hand. The 5.0-inch Capacitive Touch Screen was a reasonable size for me – not too big, not too small – and it sits really well between the fingers when my thumbs are at work (typing). The sleekness was also something I admired about the design. It was able to endure so many falls from my hand with no external cover expect a screen guard. I actually chose to use no external cover as every cover I tried on it seem to hide its aesthetics. Overall, the design was simple and desirable.


Not a big fan of the camera, but I do know when I see a good phone camera. The smartphone which boasts of a front camera of 2MP and back of 8MP is good for its price, with the right settings and good positioning can be used to take amazing pictures. At a time, I took some still life pictures with the back camera, and people I showed could not believe I took it using the Tecno L8 Lite. The trick? Just get the settings right.


With every Android phone user in my area, the battery has always been a scare, and getting an android phone with a good battery life was synonymous to a blessing. And Tecno L8 Lite blessed me with its blessing. If fully charged could last a day while connected to the internet.


The Tecno L8 lite uses the Android 6.0 (HiOS). Although I wanted more, I fell in love with the design and how I could uninstall some apps that were from production. The startup time is okay, even for the rush-hour user. I loved the inclusion of one of the apps from production that allowed the download and the upload speed to be shown on the top bar, and the fact that I could set my data usage limit for the day or days was top notch for me.

OTG support (one way)

On-the-go is one of the selling features of the phone to me. The realization that I could use a flash drive with this particular android phone was appealing to me, and I so much love it that I flaunt with this feature of the phone.

Worst features


The Tecno L8 lite was designed with a MediaTek 6572 QuadCore processor at 1.3GHz, a RAM of 1GB and a phone storage of 16GB (ROM). But for me, it was utterly disappointing. No sooner had I started using the phone, did I realize that I could not switch from one app to another without the previous one shutting down. And as time went by, it became really frustrating. In the frame of time that I used the phone – a year, I experienced complete system freezing more than thrice, that when it came back on, I had to do a factory reset.

NO 4G Support

When 4G network became rampant with the network providers in the part of the world I live in – Ondo state, Nigeria. I was a little bit disappointed that I could not use the Tecno L8 lite with a 4G LTE sim. Though it was a snob not an angry mopping for me, I still wished it could be.


The smartphone is one product that heats up. When you are connected to the internet for a long period of time, it heats up. When you are charging, it heats up. Now if you are connected to the internet and still charging then it is on fire. Though I could vouch it does not affect the performance at the time, I am sure it is one of the causes of the freezing I do experience.

OTG support (one way)

Most reviews of the Tecno L8 Lite indicated that it has a 0TG support, which in fact is true, but the complete truth is that the OTG support is one way. It means that I could copy from a flash drive to the phone but I cannot copy back to the flash drive. This was hurtful for me; a user that was sold on this feature.   To sum it all up, I love the Tecno L8 Lite for its design both the software and the body design and the battery. It is small enough to fit one’s pocket and you would still feel it, making it safe to use in a densely populated environment. So if you are a moderate or low internet user who does not care about an app shutting down or your photography is enjoyable not necessarily professional, then you should get it. But if you are not any one of the above then do not.

Rating 6/10

The Tecno L8 Lite is so much a trimmed down version of Tecno L8 and TecnoL8 plus and has really performed below the expectation. The need for a “lite” version of the two may be necessary but the outcome is not appealing to a technical user.