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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sony Xperia XA
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I am a loyal Sony product user. I might have used other products when it comes to phone, that is because it was just given to me. But given the chance, I would always look forward in using Sony phone products until I started working. I bought this Xperia XA phone in direct Sony store. I have a lot of options but the female stylish classy look of this phone really catches me. Sony phone designs are recognized to be edgy, boxy, sharp and flat but this one break the traditional design – at an affordable cost. Here is a Sony Xperia Review for this phone.


Xperia XA comes with the slimmest sony xperia phone at 7.90mm. The new design of the screen that almost touches the edges of the phone – featuring curved like glass on top of the display makes it eye-catching to the consumers. The power button now is rounded; new to the eye. The weight of the phone is light that makes it very handy. The metal look of the phone makes it classy though it is mostly made by plastic. Thus, my phone is still scratch-free even when I placed it in my pocket when I am in the streets. You just have to check it every now and then because of its skinny design that gives no mark to your pocket – an advantage that your phone is safe. There are four colors available in the market, but I have the graphite black color.


If you are a nonplayer type of person when it comes to phone, 2300mah battery life is quite good enough to lasts for a day. I often use a mobile data as internet while playing Spotify and the battery life lasts for about eight (8) hours before it gets drained. However, when I use it for call and texts only, wifi connection for the internet, it really lasts the whole day before I charge it at night. The time approximately lasts for about two (2) hours before it gets full. Not bad for an android phone when it comes to charging.


I don’t have any issue when it comes to performance having 2GB RAM. I only have lifestyle, business and social media applications that don’t require high level performance unlike with the game applications. The phone doesn’t lag or shut off even I open emails, messages and the like simultaneously. I tried playing Facebook applications, Candy Crush and Game of Life just to test its system, still I haven’t experience any problem.


Inspite of being the slimmest of Xperia, I suddenly dropped my phone at the floor and no scratches found. Still, you have to provide screen protector to avoid scratches on your phone and a case for protection at the back cover of it. Those protectors have cheap prices and designs that will make your phone more elegant in look.


The back camera is a real deal only in day time. It comes with 13MP Exmor RS for mobile sensor and Hybrid Auto-Focus which I really love about in this phone. It gets the details when I take a closer shot and the color it resulted is bright and clear. I don’t need any applications to adjust its brightness and contrast just to make it a good shot. Even an amateur in photography can get a good captured photo that looks like taken by a SLR camera. This feature gave me satisfaction with this phone.


For an android phone, the front camera of Xperia XA is impressing for a selfie shot. It auto edits the photo after taking the shot into a clear one. It get rids of the unwanted marks of the face, excluding birthmarks such as mole. Same features of the front camera, you don’t need any applications to adjust the color of the photo to make it a good shot.


Meanwhile, both front and back camera have also a minimal downside. Although you have to use the flash to make a shot at night, it doesn’t guarantee you to have a clear and flawless result like in day time. Still, you can have good photos when you are at a party with dim lights but not as clear as the one taken in day time.


The internal memory of Xperia XA is 16GB, 5GB of it is for the firmware and 11GB is for your internal storage. As an application enthusiast person, 11GB is not enough to store many applications as I would like to download. However, you may insert SD card for more memory allocation, there are applications that aren’t allowed to install in the external memory. You have to adjust your files such as photos and videos you capture and record may be saved directly to your SD card just to give memory to your downloaded applications. It might be quite hassle but the real deal is you just have to be organized to your phone in order to use your memory properly.


Sony is known to be the best in terms of the quality of the sounds but Xperia XA failed in that part. There are applications such as Facebook and Youtube that the volume of the sounds is really poor. Meanwhile, Spotify, call & texts ringtones, and downloaded music have a good quality sound. Still, I am expecting before buying it that the volume in terms of Sony products is the best. Even the earphone included in the package of the phone sometimes has a poor volume in some other installed applications.


Generally, I recommend the phone for lifestyle and business purposes only. Its elegant look and style is very affordable to have. There are few parts that needs to be improved in the next Xperia phones, however, if you are a youth that just got started working, this phone is the best option for you. You can have your selfies and shots without having SLR cameras. You just have to download your songs to maximize the sound quality it possesses, wherein you can totally play your music even without internet or mobile data. You just have to buy your SD card to maximize your memory space which you can also learn how to be organized with your files as well; that is a win-win situation. Your skinny phone is safe and sound to your pocket and easy to handle.

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by Mae Balbin

by Mae Balbin

Sunday, July 2, 2017

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

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