XS Max : Owner Review

by LynnMuturi_Githaiga

I am a phone fanatic that is for sure. I like to keep updating the type of phone that I use once in a while. It is normal not to always be in a financial position that enables you to purchase the exact smartphone that you desire. In those occasions, I focused on a brand that would satisfy certain aspects such as camera quality and good battery life. When I finally had the ability to purchase exactly what I wanted, I settled for the iPhone XS Max. What attracted me to the XS Max was that it was a twin sim smartphone as compared to the previous iPhone models that were all single sim. In addition, the camera and battery life are amazing.

An Image I captured with my XS Max

Technical Specifications

Let us start with the outward appearance. I love the color that I purchased(Gold), but I would have loved it even more if it came in the color rose gold. The XS Max only comes in the colors gold, space gray and silver. The other thing that I love about the XS Max is its size-width 3.05inches, height 6.20inches and depth 0.3inches. It is a good size for me since I like it bigger as compared to the XS which is(2.79 x 5.65 x 0.30). I recently had the opportunity to hold the XR, which is what my sister is using, I would say it has a perfect size for me(2.98 x 5.94 x 0.33). With regards to the weight, the XS Max feels a little bit heavy(7.34ounces) but it is doable. What is not to love about the XS Max? It is beautiful, the all screen OLED display is perfect(6.5inches), made of 2688 by 1242 pixels. I have an eyesight problem due to long exposure to screen time but since the XS Max has true tone display, my eyes do not get affected when I use my phone for long periods of time. When viewing images on the XS Max, the colors are so so real which is because the XS Max has a wide color display(P3) and also the super retina HD display. I don’t know if it’s because I am a first time user of an iPhone since the camera definitely blows my mind. It is so easy to capture images and the quality of the images is amazing. The XS Max has a dual 12MP wide angle and telephoto cameras with 2x optical zoom and a digital zoom of up to 10x. My favorite mode on the camera is the Portrait mode, it has the ability to focus on specific items while blurring the background which in turn brings out a very detailed image. Another great feature of the XS Max camera is the live photos, the camera takes a few minutes -before and after- of the live footage while the pic was being taken.
Camera Quality
My best video recording features are: Timelapse videos, this feature enables me to take videos of my baby doing activities such as feeding herself or playing over a period of time. Another feature is the 1080p slo-mo videos, this I mostly use when my husband and I are playing games and I am able to capture expressions and falling of bricks in slow motion. You are also able to take 8MP photos while still recording 4k videos and also have 2x optical zoom; 6x digital zoom.


The battery life of the XS Max is very good. I can go for more than 24hrs when on low usage and about 15hrs on high internet usage without having to charge it. There are many other great aspects I have not pointed out but you can find them on the Apple website. The XS Max(Gold) 256GB goes for about $1,249 which in my opinion, is not so high when you take into account that it is the latest version and also, iPhones are very durable as compared to other brands. I would give the XS Max an 8/10 because of: first, the complicated nature of an iPhone’s ability to share/receive items with Android users and laptops, secondly, the face ID does not seem to function effectively on my phone especially in low light.