Zenfone Max Pro M2 : OWNER REVIEW

by Reslie Regatchon

I’m Reslie Regatchon, a freelance copywriter. Lots of people use smartphone nowadays like me because it has a lot of functions and can help our boost our productivity and relieve our boredom. I purchased my Asus Max pro M2 last December and already using it in seven months, and what I can say is it satisfies my needs for a smartphone that has a budget price worth Php 13,000.

Top Features:


The design of Zenfone Max pro M2 looks premium and clean it has IPS LCD and it’s among the finest for me. It has 6.3-inch Full HD with a protection of corning gorilla 6 which is for me best in some of the smartphone’s today and has nice resistance, and for me to feel secure I buy a tempered glass. It has a nice curve that when I hold it, it feels nice.
The Backside of the phone where its fingerprint sensor is great unlike my previous phone that is slower, the speaker is at the bottom of the phone beside the USB charging port which is okay for me. The smartphone has two sim card slot and a micro SD slot which a lot of other’s smartphone doesn’t have.


The Zenfone Max pro M2 has a powerful processor snapdragon 660 which satisfies me when I’m playing my favorite mobile games such as mobile legends, grand theft auto, the arena of valor, etc. It is powered by stock android pie, has a 6 gigabyte of ram and internal storage of 64 gigabytes which boosts the smartphone gaming and multitasking performance. The smartphone also has a 5000 mah battery which a lot of smartphones do not possess  which is no brainer when it comes to people who wants their gaming experience to improve that they don’t have to worry their smartphone would run out of battery in a few hours which the zenfone max pro M2 main feature and it has a title called battery king.
The Zenfone Max pro M2 is my choice for you when you want a smartphone with a budget price but will not fail to deliver when it comes to your gaming needs.


When it comes to its camera, Zenfone Max pro M2 did not fail to deliver. It has a dual setup at the back which comes with 12 megapixels Sony IMX486 sensor and paired with 5 megapixels depth sensor. Out of the two rear cameras, the primary one has an f/1.8 aperture, which boosts when I’m trying to focus an object such as buildings, people, and plants to capture. The front camera has 13 megapixels and f/2.0 aperture which is good for selfie. It also supports 4k video recording at 30 fps.
The camera of Max pro M2 is good enough for average people like me to shoot beautiful things in my surroundings. The max pro m2 also has a function of face unlock, just turn on the feature on the settings and when you unlock your smartphone it will detect your face and the phone would be unlocked, which is new to me as it’s my first time experiencing this kind of feature for a smartphone.

Pros and Cons

The pros of max pro m2 that I observed based on my experience is it has a long-lasting battery, which boosts my gaming experience by playing my favorite games 8 hours straight which amaze me compare to my previous smartphones. It has a stock android pie which is rare in every smartphone that has a custom UI design but it boosts the smartphone performance because it does not have many animations. It has great camera based on my experience when I taking shots it feels real the photos that have I shots, and when I’m taking photos at night it’s still good. It has a face unlock feature which most of the mid-range smartphone nowadays have this feature and for me this feature is hassle-free and it feels I own a premium phone when I unlock it using this feature. It has a powerful processor snapdragon 660 chipsets which boost the overall performance of the smartphone such as multitasking, gaming, video recording, browsing, etc.
The cons of max pro that I observe are based on my experience is none but will recommend adding some features. The smartphone should have the support of AI camera to ensure the quality of the photos that have taken. The smartphone does not support fast charging which is the trend of smartphones nowadays. The front camera needs improvement sometimes it does not feel nice the selfies that I have shots. The battery should’ve been removable for it is easy to replace when the battery problems arise.

Conclusion and my Overall Impression base on my Experience

The zenfone max pro m2 has a 6 GB ram and internal storage of 64 GB which is great for me for I’m used in multitasking and this smartphone did not fail to deliver. It has 5000 mah battery which is great for people whose spending more time gaming in their smartphone like me, then this smartphone is for you. It has a powerful processor snapdragon 660 chipsets to improve the performance of the smartphone when it comes to gaming for it will support most of the high graphics games in mobile like Player Unknown battleground, arena of valor, etc. that when I play these games with this smartphone I have not experienced any delay or lags and its smooth to play these game with this smartphone. Stock Android experience is for me it feels superb because it does not have many animations the smartphone boots up really fast and especially when I’, surfing and streaming or browsing the setting apps, etc. its response quickly in a matter of time. The face unlocks feature of max pro m2 is superb that when I try to unlock my smartphone using it, it responds quickly without delay.
So overall my rating for max pro m2 is 9/10 for me because it is a budget phone that would not fail to deliver your expectation especially if you are a gamer like me.