INTRODUCTION Although the technology advances so fast that when you have a device for more than two years becomes obsolete, I have no plans to change this Motorola Moto G second generation (moto [...]

Iphone 5s : User Review

INTRODUCTION               The elegant sophisticated yet easy to understand company called Apple released its 4-inch multi-touch retina display with 1136 x 640 pixels resolution iPhone 5s on 20 [...]

LG Spirit H420: Review

Introduction The LG SPIRIT H420 has been with me 9 months already, that’s a lot for someone who changes his gadgets often. I got it as a gift during one of my travels in Denmark, and since I’ve [...]

iPhone 6s: User Review

INTRODUCTION What do you expect when you buy a brand new Apple iPhone even when it’s not the newest model? Well, in my case I was expecting new features, a really good camera and sharing a [...]

iPhone 7: User Review

INTRODUCTION Every time Apple launches a new product (in general) we get all excited because it comes with new things that you think they didn’t exist. For this review, I would tell you some [...]

HTC 10:User Review

  INTRODUCTION When you are an HTC fan, you always know that experience with HTC smartphones is nothing like using other smartphones.I have had an experience with HTC since HTC one M7.I waited a [...]

HP 350 G2: Review

Introduction As the title suggests, this is the review of the HP 350 G2 model, an all-around laptop useful to almost any user. In the last 5 months, I’ve had about enough time to put this device [...]

Lenovo Flex 3: User Review

  INTRODUCTION I picked up the Lenovo Flex 3 14 inch model as soon as it launched because I needed an upgrade to my failing HP 360, and the touchscreen coupled with the 360 degree hinge [...]

iPhone 7 : User Review

INTRODUCTION As smartphones have taken over our lives the past few years, Apple has dominated the field with the iPhone. These phones don’t take pride on having the best specs or the latest [...]

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