Apple iPhone 6 : user review

I can describe the process of buying a new mobile as a painful mission. Is so hard to get used to a new one when you feel so comfortable with what has been working so far. I’m one of those [...]

HTC Desire 820G Dual Sim : User review

INTRODUCTION Today, I’ve decided to review my own phone, HTC’s Desire 820G+ Dual Sim. I have been using it for about a year now and the reason as to why I got it from the local store in the first [...]


Introduction I will start by saying that LG-L70 has different versions and according to the price of yours will probably have mine, D320g8, or other like the “Fine” version. I’m [...]

Apple iPhone 7 : User Review

Introduction Four weeks ago, I stepped into the local Apple store in the hopes of buying an iPhone SE or something low range, basically, since I had lost my previous iPhone 6 to the beach. I [...]

Dell Inspiron 15 5565 Laptop: Review

I got myself the Dell Inspiron 15 5565 Laptop, made the purchase from Dell’s website, had it delivered to me in less than 6 days and I have had the laptop now for over a year. Prior to [...]


INTRODUCTION Although the technology advances so fast that when you have a device for more than two years becomes obsolete, I have no plans to change this Motorola Moto G second generation (moto [...]

Iphone 5s : User Review

INTRODUCTION               The elegant sophisticated yet easy to understand company called Apple released its 4-inch multi-touch retina display with 1136 x 640 pixels resolution iPhone 5s on 20 [...]

LG Spirit H420: Review

Introduction The LG SPIRIT H420 has been with me 9 months already, that’s a lot for someone who changes his gadgets often. I got it as a gift during one of my travels in Denmark, and since I’ve [...]

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